Using you kiddies creative to glam up your house

No one can ever dispute the beautiful creations our little ones make, even though they sometimes are a bit dodgy but who cares, we love them and we love everything they do. A lot of people are starting to be open and accepting to unconventional artistry –we have kind of let go of the Mona Lisa kind of paintings. Not, whatsoever disregarding portrait paintings but we also want a little spark of refreshing colours to grace our homes.

School has tasked the little ones to do all sorts of creative things for developmental reasons. And now you can take advantage of it all –there are things that you will want to box or file away but there are those that you will want to see every day and let others also get a chance to observe.

Drawings and painting

Let’s admit it; no matter how much you would want to have paintings done by famous artists hanging all around your house the budget can sometimes defy your interior design wishes. Have at least four drawings and painting done by your kiddy, frame them up and hang them alongside family portraits. Don’t use frames done by them; remember we want contrast in it all. Buy frames of different materials, sizes and shapes –I would advice to stick to one colour frame, if it’s black you want then have black frames for all the drawings and paintings.

You can also have their paintings done on a canvas. It would be great if you have in one palette of colour. Have three rectangular shapes canvases placed nicely together on your wall. You will have beautiful creations without popping large sums of money and an excuse to show off your kid’s masterpiece.


Recycle material DIY projects

There are amazing things that you can do with old paper, plastic, bottle and tin. Get your baby to make a nice stationary holder out of tissue rolls. Give them a few of them and have them glue it all up to have different wholes for pencils, scissors and others and don’t interfere with their decoration choices of the stationery holder.

You can also hand them old papers and let them roll up and cut up into flower shapes, spray these and put them in a vase. You can change them every now and then when they make new ones. If they come home with necklaces made from pumpkin seeds you can choose to wear them, frame them or hang them by your review mirror.


Cloths and dye

Kids love to use their hands in being creative, get them a dye and let them play around with cushion cases. Filter through the best two and use it to decorate your lounge. Buy solid colours that you will use as contrast to the ones done by your kids –you don’t want your place looking like a studio. Give them old clothes and let them recreate them to bags that you will use to put pegs in it; they can go crazy and wild with pimping it up. You can also turn them to grocery bags. Kids love it when their creations are paraded.


Art pieces

There is also art work which you can also use as lamps. Have them blow up balloons and criss-cross glued up strings and let them dry and then pop the balloon and bang, you have an amazing art piece. Take their clay work and put them on your desk or side tables, there are also vases that you can use which are made out of old cans. Let your baby’s work flourish all around your house. We don’t have to be uptight about things –a little fun art will do wonders to your home and your baby.



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