Exploring Scotland!

  What comes to mind when you think of Scotland? An elderly man in a kilt playing the bagpipe? Scotish whiskey? The Loch ness monster?   Well, I decided to explore everything that makes Scotland.. well.. Scotish! Scotland is a picturesque scene of mountains draped in a carpet of greenery, flowing endlessly into the far distance….

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Candid Talk About Bullies

Shireen & Sue opens up on experiencing bullying themselves and sheds some light on how to react to Bullies in your own environment. Being bullied as a child can cause significant damage to a growing child/teenager’s why of thinking about themselves. Be sure to talk to your children about being bullied and help them cope…

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Cameron Diaz on Happiness & Fame

We love it when celebrities have honest conversations about what it really means to be famous, the illusion of happiness fame perpetuates and how happiness can only come from doing what you love. Be authentic in what you do, keep your intentions pure and you will be happy regardless of what you do in life.

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