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When history meets contemporary at Oude Werf Hotel Stellenbosch

When you live in South Africa, especially in Cape Town, you do not need to travel far to discover “historic gems”. The minute I stepped into the reception I knew, this place, is one of our “historic gems”. As the old oak wooden floors squeak beneath me, I make my way to the reception desk. “Hi and welcome to OudeWerf…

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Discover Istanbul Part 2

Turkey is well known for their hand woven carpets, their leather products, nuts and dried fruit, marble tiles and ceramics. We had the fortunate opportunity to see how these carpets were made, from scratch! It can take weeks or even up to months for multiple ladies to make one carpet. I was absolutely blown away by their skill and precise…

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Welcome to the Inspired Women Podcast Channel

Welcome to the Inspired Women Podcast Channel

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A warm welcome to the Inspired Women Podcast Channel – Herewith a quick overview of who we are, and what this podcast will be offering going forward.

What to Expect when Expecting – The Real Truth

It took me exactly…7 weeks to get the time/energy to write this blog entry after my son was born. I felt it necessary to share the RAW, (no sugar coating here) experience. In today’s day & age with social media being what it is, it is so easy to start comparing your journey with those of other mom’s, (or let’s…

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Suicide: The Sound Of Silence…

When a loved one escapes a suffering that has become unbearable, words fail us…We are left with heart-wrenching grief, we are consumed with a room filled with utter loneliness and despair. All that is left, is the sound of silence…

Recognising One Sided Friendship

Recognising a one sided friendship is sometimes something that crawls into your thoughts after numerous small disappointments, unanswered calls, or zero effort from your friend. Don’t get me wrong, NOBODY as in NOBODY is perfect, and sometimes dates get cancelled, you really can not help out or do a favour on a certain day and sometimes yes, life gets too…

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Fall in love, over and over again with YOU!  Yes…, with YOU! Learn To Adore Your Inner Sparkle A warm welcome to all the readers and supporters of ‘Inspired Women’ I am truly so honoured and excited to share some of my therapeutic knowledge, skills and resources, as well as my own personal experiences and reflections with both the creators…

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