Why TV might not be the greatest of hobbies

A couch and television with a few snacks in between adverts is a guilty pleasure enjoyed by most of us. We get too exhausted to take a walk in a park or take in some history at a historical gallery so we think “what the heck I’m taking a seat and indulging on some recorded drama series”. We love it because we don’t have to put too much effort in getting what we want; just a remote in a hand and a click away –even though these reasons could be why we watch so much TV, the same reasons could be reason to why we shouldn’t watch TV.

Holds your brain hostage

When you are tuned in to television nobody and I mean nobody can interrupt your time especially if it’s your favourite drama series playing. Your brain only focuses on what is on zoning out everything around. Watching television is a sleep-like hypnotic state caused by flickering colours that draws your attention in making up what is playing hence a vast number of people fall asleep whilst watching TV. Like in a hypnosis chair, once you are in this state it is easy to subconsciously store in messages that come in a form of television programs. The more intense the program there more drawing it is and this is what advertisers capitalise on.


Alters view on various issues

Ever made a connection to viewers and television personalities starring in reality shows like The Kardashians? You hardly can tell them apart; viewers start to adopt the way they dress, talk and think about various issues. It is no mistake that there are endorsement deals made with these big stars; because if Kim says it’s on then it can only mean I should have it. Remember the selfies (bum selfie) that was made famous by the beloved Kim? Now women think beauty is big butts, small waists, fair skill colours and that’s the only thing most will be aspiring for; this leading to body conscious issues.imagesCHUMH16X


Distorts true image of reality

Television programs especially news air harsh topics like robberies, rapes, murders and assaults and this is planted to our heads thinking this is the only thing out there. You will find people who consume a lot of TV are often paranoid about safety and security. They have their houses on lockdown and are hardly open to trying out new things on their own. They carry this negative thinking that things will always turn out badly.


Corrupts belief systems

We are raised to hold certain beliefs and values; this is how you handle yourself in public. Parents ensure that they bring us up being responsible and holding ourselves with dignity but television plays things that tap into rather unconventional ways of living. People smoking, drinking having sex in public places in various scenes makes us think, why not? We push aside teachings by our parents only to blend in. Popular girls are usually painted with this wild and rebellious brush and that makes kids think “for me to be popular I need to partake in scandalous things”.

Promotes unhealthy behaviour

Sitting the whole day on a couch watching TV means your body is laying there without being moved around. A human body needs to stay active for it to be fit to carry out various tasks. Lazing around doing nothing does more harm than good to your body. Watching television also promotes snacking and let us be honest –half the time you spend eating is not because you are hungry; you just want something to chew on. And almost no one will reach for carrots as appose to a bag of potato chips. So this also promotes unhealthy eating habits.

Woman at home
Woman at home

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