What you Never Knew About Fish Oil!


I have been cooking with oil since like forever, really because a lot of meals I know how to cook require a little drop of oil in them.

I know a lot of us when we thinking of fish oil we vision the slap chips and greasy chicken on the side hence when we are on diets we try to completely stay away from it. I then thought, could there be anything more to know about fish oil, the answer is absolutely yes!

What is fish oil?

First fish oil can be found in supplements and liquid form. And this amazing product is great for you because it contains DHA (docosahexaenoic) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) both being essential Omega 3 fatty acid. It is important that we take these because we need them for our body to function well but our body doesn’t produce fatty acids so we have to take them through fish itself, supplements, fish oil liquids and other forms. .


Possible benefits

Fish oil can help with mental health problems. Children, especially those with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can benefit from fish oil as it improves their behaviour –decrease in inattention, hyperactivity and defiant behaviour. You should have 8 grams of Omega 3 found in fish oil a day.

Age related loss of vision can possibly be prevented through intake of omega 3. It is reported that having these slows down the accumulation of toxic molecules that usually build up in the retina with age and therefore prevents age related loss of vision. We won’t be needing goggles ladies.

We all want something that will yield weight loss and you will be glad to know that taking fish oil supplements will help in losing a few kilograms. Unlike other weight loss supplements, fish oil supplements have no caffeine and other stimulants that will compromise your energy levels. Taking about 2 grams of this a day will also help build muscles. It also decreases your appetite, minimizes fat storage and makes your workout programmes more effective.

You will know that you can loosen up on the foundation and powder by having Omega 3 which helps in stimulating the production of healthy skin and hair. Our hair and skin needs fatty acids found in fish oil, avocados, olive oils and others for a glowing, nourished and healthy look. You will get the hydrated look you have always wished for. And you will say goodbye to wrinkles and drying up of your skin and hair.

You will find benefits that prevent painful periods and or other symptoms. Fish oil supplements are also good for those who are pregnant as they are good for the developing stage of the baby this includes hand eye coordination, brain development; it could also reduce chances of miscarriage and other illnesses that may arise from being pregnant.

Other health benefits include helping with osteoporosis, taking these supplements increases bone density at the thigh bone and spine in elderly people. Lowering of high blood pressure with those with moderate to high blood pressure -there are even more benefits found in fish oil. So what you should be asking yourself is why am I not taking advantage of this fishy business?

Because everything has its pros and con so does this delightful piece of product stacked with omega 3 fatty acid. Those who are allergic to fish or sea food will be advised to consult with a health professional first. It is also known to increase risks in symptoms of liver diseases, depression and bipolar to mention a few. Be cautious in everything you do and enjoy a pool of health benefits in fish oil while you at it.



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