Using a rebound to find yourself after a break-up

Breaking up with your partner that you have been dating for a long term or even short term can have a toll on you.


Break-ups, no matter how strong you are, will definitely mess up your life a little bit especially if they were due to infidelity. If you have been in that situation you will understand the unwillingness to get out of bed, the ugly cries that friends had to deal with and hunger to avenge your broken heart.

I think these sorts of experiences teach our hearts to be stronger and tone down on the naïve unconditional love we bestow upon people who pretty much don’t deserve it.


After the long period of grieving for the death of the relationship it is required that you pick yourself up and be fabulous. Have you ever wondered why after women get divorced they hit the gym and totally transform themselves? Well it has nothing to do with getting the ex jealous, it is a reward women give themselves for having pulled through so much and still standing.

When you were in a relationship for decades you tend to overlook certain things and forget to go out there and live, for no one else but yourself. Because a relationship tends to make you a little bit content and neglect what the human species was created to do, explore and try out new things.

The thought of being in a serious relationship immediately after that is highly not a question, so we fall in a trap of getting a little rebound relationship. A lot my clinch over the thought but we all know a lot of women are guilty of this act, whether they are open about it or not.

rebound relationships

It’s not something to be ashamed of really it gives the heart the healing it deserves without having emotional ties and being vulnerable to getting hurt once again.

To prevent unnecessary conflicts you should be honest about your intentions early on in the relationship –you have been lied to so it would be cruel of you to do the same to others. Get someone who will be open to the idea that you are in this for fun and whatever may rise from that could be entertained later on.



The advantages will be the obvious having someone to share your transformation with and being flirted in the process. Being in a relationship that does not require from you to be too much emotionally invested, what know as “no strings attached” kind of relationship. You will be free to do what you want and whenever you want to without having to answer to anyone. You get a chance to be in power of yourself and putting your desires first without feeling guilty. You won’t be open to disappointments because there are little to no expectations by you.


Being in rebound relationship might not be as sample and forth coming as it may sound; you might actually find that people will start the name-calling for your rather unconventional way of dealing with the break-up. Women, according to society, are not to jump from one relationship to another to avoid being classified as being promiscuous, so prepare for being criticised. There are also risks of contracting diseases –that is if you are being sexually intimate with your rebound.

With the good and the bad that may arise from getting yourself a rebound it is fair that you take care of yourself and deal with the break-up in a manner that best suits you. While you try find yourself remember to not overdo it because what we do always comes back to haunt us. Remember, it might be a rebound now but develop to a beautiful love affair later.

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