Tips On How To Keep Your Zone a Happy Zone

We all want to be in a happy bubble but with the pressures of life one can get a bit carried away and push valuable things aside. The environment amongst other things may push the outlook people have on life. We are here to tell you that you don’t need the flashy car or enormous house to be happy; it all starts with simple things that don’t cost a cent. After all what else could push you to success than being in a happy place?

“Happiness is the secret to all beauty. There is no beauty without happiness”

–Christian Dior

There is no greater truth than this; we work hard to ensure that we stay beautiful and flawless so why should we allow wrinkles and illnesses that come as a result to being stressed out mess our blood-shed of work to staying gorgeous? There are a few nips and tucks you will have to go through and they are:

Know thy self

There are beautiful things that happen when we stop acting like we are on a track; racing and constantly looking over our shoulders to see who is catching up. Know your abilities and where your love lies and focus on those things even if your friends might think it is goofy or not a real dream to chase. If you centre everything to what you and only you want you are guaranteed happiness. Never live other people’s dreams it won’t get you anywhere.


Advocate forgiveness

Harbouring grudges does nothing but ignitions anger. We all come through hurtful experiences that happened out of our hands and it is a gift to yourself to let the event go; acknowledge that it occurred but don’t carry it around you everywhere you go. When people wrong us and we choose not to forgive we get stuck; plotting our fight back techniques. If this is not draining I don’t know what else is.


Engage in meaningful things

Sitting on a couch the whole day watching TV will not help you in your mood; what it will most likely do is to depress you even further. Our minds filter things that will be of importance or worthy to us and when indulge in a TV spree you will find that every program is playing sad things. Go out with friends and if they are busy with their lives, go out on your own; visit galleries, learn new things go bungee jumping while you are at it, what this will show you is that there are a lot of things to live for and stay happy about.


Don’t blend in stand out

Have you been told you are crazy to do this or think that? Well don’t change, go be you. If your crazy side tells you to dye your hair pink, by all means girl go all pink. Trying to blend in has its strenuous efforts; there are things you won’t agree with that will be required of you to do only because a group of friends is doing them. Sometimes you will find that they are pursuing things that you can’t afford to engage in be it because of money or time.


Be in the lookout for like minded people

You want all the happiness to rub off on you so once you encounter someone who seems to be the master of all things happiness, acquaint yourself with them. Take it as if you want to open up a boutique; you will want to find a mentor and get as much as possible about the business. Happiness is like success; it goes to those who fight for it and once you have it you don’t want anything but it.

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