Three winter must haves – Fashion Advise

We cannot ignore the old cold that comes with winter, no matter how long we drag to buy those needed items to bare us through the chill we eventually fill up the stores.


You don’t need to wait until the middle of the winter season to get the necessities that will get you warm throughout the cold months to come. I can identify with a lot of people who wish to just cuddle up in the blankets and forget their responsibilities of work or school until the ray of summer meets us but as we all know, freezing cold or not life goes in.

We need mobile heaters, with that I mean clothes that will keep us warm enough to make it easier to carry out our day-to-day duties. And these should be an investment; you can’t be buying new items every time winter comes, even though it would sound nice because shopping is an amazing experience but if you can’t afford it, you won’t be having any of it. There are a number of garments available that you can be able to wear for years to come but this all comes to finding the right one.

Winter coats

Shopping for coats requires an extra eye and a logic mind. You will be faced with countless beautiful coats, what you need is focusing on quality of the material. Make sure that the wool coat you would like to purchase is actually 100% wool. Don’t assume that if a coat is expensive it is automatically authentic and warm, you can never be too careful; check the label to confirm that is it what you want.

A coat needs to enable layering from the inside. When it gets too chilly you will want a coat that will make it possible for you to put on a few jerseys inside. By looking at the bust you might initially think it will allow you to layer a few clothing items but ensure that it is the case with the arms; you want to be comfortable and able to move your arms.

You need to know your body; this will direct you in buying the right length of a coat without looking like it is wearing you as oppose to you wearing it, in simple you don’t want to look dodgy, on the knee length is a great choice. The style of the coat will also be determined by your shape. Remember to buy one that will look good even when opened for when the weather is not that cold. Pockets help a lot; you can easily slide your hands in for extra warmth.

It is better to choose warmth over trends; this will ensure that you keep your coat for more than a year because trends go in and out of style. Classic colours will also help in sustaining the look; meaning you can choose from black, brown, navy and cream. Take care of your coat, dry-clean it and hang it with wooden hangers to avoid it losing shape from being hung on the back of the door.



While we keep warm in our upper body we need to take into cognisant of our feet and legs. Finding the right boots means comfort, quality and warmth. Finding the right length is significant and relies on the shape, size and height of a woman. Above-the-thigh boots are usually suit for taller and thinner figured women.

Like with coats, you need to allow space for layering warm and thick socks. So it is advisable that you don’t buy a complete fit of boots, leave a little space for socks to avoid discomfort and you looking like you are walking on eggshells. We also need darker colours for multipurpose uses; with dark colours you will be able to wear your boots with everything.


Winter stocking and tights

One of the accessories you can play around with, winter stockings and tights come in a range of colours and patterns and you can explore with each and every one of them. They can also be useful in rocking your summer garments in winter. Because we choose darker colours in winter, these will help in adding a pop of colour to your outfit while keeping you warm. You can also accessorise with chunky scarves, winter hats or beanies and a little belt over a coat. Either way, choose style over trends to be friendly on your budget.


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