Things not to ignore that might save your marriage

When you have been in a relationship for over a long period of time it almost comes naturally that the relationship loses its spark.



Things no longer feel quite right and you find yourselves giving each other blank stares. The relationship starts to feel like an act of merely pulling through each day and more or less tolerating each other rather than actually loving and embracing all beautiful moments that initially put you together and are reasons to a marriage of many years.

A happy marriage does not just happen; it requires equal hard work from both parties to ensure it is a long lasting beautiful relationship.

Nobody is ever content with the fact that their marriage is going downhill. It brings feelings of being a failure even though each partner may feel they did their utmost best to try and keep everything glued in to one. The world is filled with a whole lot of divorcees due to a number of marriages turning deadly and this can all be prevented with great efforts from both parties. It all starts with small things.
7 things to consider that might save your marriage

1. Communicate at all the times –this cannot be stressed enough, it vital that there be open communication in a marriage. Partners should share their fears, desires, thoughts, EVERYTHING. There should be shying away from keeping things from each other in a marriage.
2. Solve your problems –it is important that should a couple face challenges in their marriage they solve them. Ignoring them won’t make them disappear instead it creates a buildup of a storm. Never go to bad mad at each other, use the few minutes before you sleep, away from kids to address issues troubling you and listen to your partner and give each other a chance to come up with best ways to resolve an issue that will see both parties winning.
3. Don’t involve a third party –it is annoying to learn that your business is out there in the open. Couples should make sure that they respect their marriage and not blurb out every single detail to a friend, mother or anyone else without the concern of the other. Allow your marriage to have its fair share of blossoming without others sticking their fingers, in the process leaving the relationship vulnerable.

4. Have a life outside your partner –you should both try not to suffocate each other. Have your time with the girls and allow him to have time with the boys. Make it possible for the pair of you to actually miss each other.
5. Keep your finances on the open –we all know that the money is what breaks a lot of relationships. Share your finances, this includes how much you make, drawing a budget together and inform your partner about any financial decision you want to make.
6. Don’t take each other for granted –couples have to respect each other and what each partner has to contribute towards the wellness of the marriage. Share tasks and chores, and ensure that you don’t lose yourselves in the thought of “marriage”. Go out like you used to when you were dating, have special love notes spontaneously placed around the house or put in each other’s bags. At least once in a while make each other’s wishes come true no matter how drag it might be to you and lastly try look good for your partner, make him or her see that you are making effort.
7. Be romantic –it is important that couples share intimacy, whether it’s cuddling up in couch watching your favourate movie. It is essential to know what makes your partner happy romantically and ensure that it is your duty to put a smile on their faces once in a while.

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