The extremes brides endure all in the name of “wedding”

Is there really a method to this madness? There are some unbelievable lengths brides would go to all for the sake of looking fabulous on their wedding day. Everything has to be spot on; perfect reception the perfect venue the perfect hair, dress, skin…


Perfection is overrated and quite frankly an illusion sculpted by celebrities and their million dollar bashes. Shows like Bridezilla, Buff brides and more than 13 hundred wedding books and bridal magazines on shelves are telling you what perfection really is and what most certainly is not! (Absurd)

The dress is tailored to fit you (or was it the other way around again?)

A “how to article” was published in the New York Times with the following headline; “Bridal Hunger Games: losing weight in time for the wedding”. Brides order their dresses two sizes too small for a little motivation when it comes to losing weight. A study done at Cornell University found that 1 in 5 brides use extreme weight-loss methods to reach their goal, things like fasting, going on liquid diets and taking exercise classes for two times a day, 6 days a week. Some brides take laxatives and start smoking the University has even gone so far as to coin the term “bride bulimia” where women even make themselves throw up after meals.

TIP: First of all don’t tailor yourself to your dress; it’s just going to cause heart ache and the financial dismay of buying two dresses. Get some shut eye. Wisconsin Sleep Cohort study tracked the sleeping habits of 3000 people; those who slept less than 8 hours a night were likely to be overweight. Ask a personal trainer for an exercise plan and remember your goal. Getting a personal trainer will help with motivation and when you tend to have an exercise plan you tend to be more dedicated.


 A recent UK study found that 3 hours of shopping can burn up to 495 calories. So don’t stress you’re already in the habit of losing weight no need for drastic measures.

Extreme make over bride edition.

Right before their weddings brides like to go for a little makeover, but some of their choices are not really as little as one would presume. Botox, wrinkle fillers and laser treatments are some of their chosen procedures. The big mistakes brides make are when they turn to spas that also offer these treatments but lack the necessary experience. wrote an article about two brides who were disfigured by phony collagen injections right before their weddings (you’ve been warned).

In the UK there are hundreds of personal trainers who market themselves specifically to brides – advising them, training and pushing them to the “ultimate wedding body”. Bridal boot camps in Wokingham offer an intense 10 week weight loss program not only that but they also have introductions to beauticians, hair stylists, nutritionists and image consultants, this all in the name of bridal perfection.

A piece done by “You & your Wedding” gathered some statistics when they asked their readers some personal questions and according to the survey:

  • 7% of the women are planning rhinoplasty  (which costs about R36 000)
  • 8% are opting for breast enlarges.
  • 3% are thinking about a breast reduction.

Ideas like getting braces, Botox and even a skin peal were mentioned.

The trusty tanning bed is also a personal favourite for future brides, booking session after session. Energy from tanning beds penetrate six times deeper than natural sunlight.

(15 min = 3 hours on the beach).

TIP: For alternatives on sunbeds and tan cans see one of our previous pieces: “Be smart about Tanning and a Natural Skin Glow.” Alternative methods and great product suggestions make up this piece.

As for the Botox and the little nip tuck issues seek expert advice if you feel like you really can’t avoid the subject. Keep in mind however that these are costly procedures, so don’t try and cut corners in order to save money. Gather as much information as you can before going through with it.


To what expense

Extreme beauty treatments and methods aren’t the only tings brides are winging. Surly the cost of an extravagant wedding is one to be prepared for but even the prices have got brides on the edge. Sure we budget and save but say you find that perfect dress and it is way out of your price range, do you buy or do you bail? A bridal magazine estimated that a wedding dress in an average wedding makes up about 16% of their total budget.

One bride had a simple solution for her financial strain; she decided to bill her company for the entire ceremony. La’Reese Darville married her husband Darell at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida in June and wanted the ceremony to be joyous and spectacular but obviously it came at a spectacular price as well. “Investigation found ‘she had charged $10,000 in her father’s name and $39,000 to other accounts”. “She admitted using the cards 14 times for her wedding – but insisted she had always intended to pay the company back” (Daily mail).

Running yourself into the ground, fake tans starving your body and changing your whole complexion isn’t what a wedding is supposed to be about. Bridal magazines and shows use the term “Competitive wedding syndrome” after 60% of respondents to a survey said they wanted guests to think their wedding was the bets they had ever been to.

Being scrutinised by everyone should not be lurking in your mind. The day will be special because you get to say “I do” to your knight in shining armour and if you decide to go all “extreme-make-over” on him he might just kick off his shoes and run, because you don’t look like the girl he fell in love with.

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