Techniblock Sunscreen ~ Review

As we get ready to pack for our beach holiday I venture off to our local supermarket to buy the most important thing – Sunscreen!

I spot a bottle of Techniblock which was on special so I bought a big spray bottle for myself and the “kids” one for my two year old.

I have never heard of this brand before nor really taken note of it on the shelves but the price is the one thing that got my attention.

As with all sunscreens and being a mom to a toddler I know applying suncreen on your face must be done with caution, that’s why I avoid it and rather opt for a big sunhat.

As we make ourselves comfortable by the pool I started spraying Techniblock, I could immediately smell the strong fumes (I certainly haven’t had this strong smell from any other sunscreens). After dipping into the pool myself and my toddler started to feel our eyes stinging.  At first I thought it was the pool chemicals.  My toddler started crying and I could barely open my eyes.  Thinking it was something in the water we headed back to the room and had a shower, our eyes was stinging for about 30 minutes after this.

The next day we saw people swimming in the pool and they didn’t complain about burning eyes. So I applied our Techniblock sunscreen again and about 2 minutes after that the same thing happened.  I quickly realised it is the suncreen and not the water.  Because this is an aerosol, spraying onto our neck area some of the fumes got to our faces. My toddler rubs her eyes when she is in the water and due to the fact that I sprayed Techniblock on her arms and hands this escalated the whole situation.  I rubbed my face on the towel I laid on and obviously there was sunscreen on my back and immediately my eyes was on fire!  How can such a tiny bit of sunscreen burn so much..  If you are on a towel, in and out the water and sweating there is bound to get some sunscreen in your face somehow.  I was just happy I didn’t spray our faces!

We are not allergic to any ingredients, we have never had weird rashes from any products used before and we don’t have sensitive skins.  This is my personal review of Techniblock and I wanted to warn other Mommies before they have the same experience as I do.


If you have had a bad experience concerning burning eyes or a good experience we would love to know about it.


Lesson learnt – going cheaper is not always the best way! Especially when my child’s health is at risk.




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