Surviving load shedding in your home

It doesn’t really matter how much we hope and pray, load shedding is here to stay and there is pretty much nothing we can do about it.


I know a lot of “Arg” that go on when the lights suddenly turn off in the middle of our activities. Life is slow and dragging without electricity because we have grown accustomed to having it saving our lazy days. Because we have no idea when it will stop it is best we familiarise ourselves to our load shedding survival kit. If you have these, you will bear it will less difficulty.


Keeping the lights on

This is the first thing that comes to our minds, ensuring that you don’t bump into things because of the darkness that has filled the house. You can go with the obvious option of candles to light your house, but make sure that you don’t leave the room while the candles are on. Make certain that the candles and matches are in the same place. There are safer routes you can go for, like battery powered lights, these will need for you to have a lot of batteries and invest in a gas lamp that will give a proper lighting for bigger sized rooms.


Preparing something to eat

The first option will be trying not to cook, I know it’s not what you want to hear, but you can prepare sandwiches with dry ingredients like bread, cheese, ham, peanut-butter and jam. You can choose to make salads and play around with your leafy vegetables, carrots, avocados, onions, tomatoes, and tuna fish, top it all off with your mozzarella or feta cheese. If you are good with the braai you can prepare the fire and cook all sorts of meals like chicken wings, snoek, brinjals, peri-peri chicken drumsticks or you can make burgers.

Keeping warm

Some just prefer to go straight to bed and warm-up in layers and layers of blankets. But if you have a fireplace you could cuddle up with the family and catch up around the fire. You could heat a break on fire and then wrap it with a thick towel and use it as a water-bottle, be careful how you handle the hot break. Exercise can also keep you fired up and fit in the process and yes any excuse to get some loving from your man grab it and get read of the cold. You could also make sure that your windows are air-tight and you seal your doors to prevent the cold from creeping in. You can always keep warm by putting on warm clothes or making a bonfire outside and cozy around it.


Keeping entertained

When the lights go out we feel like life has left our bodies but there are things you can entertain yourself with in the meantime. You could catch up on your reading with a kindle or play camping with the kids; there won’t be any pretence as much because lights will be truly out. You could turn your house to an obstacle course and get the family all excited or play imagine games or truth or dare. You will need all the fun you can think of because sometimes it is too early to go to sleep.

Don’t let Eskom keep you down; you can still have a more or less normal day even when the lights are out. Remember to always have your gadgets fully charged, don’t wait until the red flash signals for you to charge it. It is best you prepare than to be caught off guard, download the app so you will know the schedule. Place everything that you will need in one place and have your emergency kit nearby should there be any cuts or bleeding taking place.

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