Sip and spare| other uses of beer

You might not be a beer drinker yourself but that doesn’t mean you can’t pull one out of your fridge. Like women, beer is responsible for a whole lot of great things around us and we are here to let you in on other uses of beer. I have heard that beer makes the ugly look absolutely flawless, the mean pull a 180 degrees turn to an all sweet and bubbly somebody and acts as amnesia meds for the troubled. It is therefore not a surprise that we can squeeze a few more tricks a bottle of beer can perform.

Dimmed down jewellery

Ain’t nobody got time for filthy pieces of jewellery. We love our jewellery all sparkly and looking new; this can all be achieved with leftover beer. I know how frustrating it can get trying to revive the shine your golds used to have. You will need a cloth dipped in beer and rub your gold with and then follow with a dry one. Remember to soak it in warm water with a drop of dishwashing liquid and gently scrub it with an old toothbrush after about 30 minutes of soaking.


Tired wooden furniture

We love wooden furniture; it gives this exotic look to your homes. We are definitely up for any reason to bring a little nature to our homes right ladies? Well if you want to bring life to your rather tired looking wooden furniture you can always rub your furniture with a microfiber cloth dampened in beer. This will amazingly bring back the colour and some shine to your furniture. Who ever thought it would be as simple as that?


Add some life to your cooking

If you tired of that bread recipe granny gave you; you can dash it up with some beer, yes beer bread. Some also like to introduce the bottle to their meat by adding a reasonable amount to their marinade. Mouth dripping yumminess isn’t it? Well there are many more recipes that you can try out that have beer as part of the ingredients.


Treat your hair with a bottle of beer

Our hair tends to get a bit dull and greasy after some stressful nights with work or school. It is important that we keep our crowns (hair) stunning and fresh. Start off by firstly washing your hair with shampoo, rinse and then follow with massaging beer into your hair. Thoroughly rinse your hair and then follow with the conditioner, make sure you stay about 5 minutes with the conditioner in your hair, rubbing with your fingertips.


Experience the greener side of the grass

Are on the verge of scooping out your lawn because of the brownish burn on it that never seems to go away? Then here is how you can save your beautiful lawn using a simple bottle of beer. There are various things that go into the magical mixture and beer is one of the important. Beer kills slugs; it is said slugs love beer (little drunks) and when beer is poured into a container and placed by the lawn it will attract slugs which will jump in and oops! It also acts as a fertilizer. This might cost you an arm or a leg so if you have money to spend go right ahead.


Let carpet stains be a thing of a past

I am quite sure that a handful of us have spilled all sorts of things on the carpet and were flipped about it. Those who have little ones running up and down the house know this more than the rest. One thing for sure you wouldn’t want to replace the whole carpet for a tinny stain. If it happens that you and bae are having an indoor picnic and accidentally knock a glass of red wine on the carpet don’t worry; beer will lift the stain out and you can then follow with a carpet steamer.



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