Secrets for having healthy looking skin

There are a vast number of skin care products that are making rounds; they are known to diminish wrinkles and shed off a few years, living you looking fresher and younger.



There are a few habits that will not cost fortunes for you to get the same results; keeping it healthy and knowing your skin type and what it needs and don’t is the secret. We all want to look beautiful and be told we look younger than we actually are because of the good practices of showing concern for our skin.

  1. Stop smoking and drinking

Unhealthy habits of smoking and drinking negatively affect the skin. Smoking blocks blood vessels which tempers or slows down the flow of blood thus depleting skin and getting in the way of the skin to get oxygen and nutrients. Alcohol and smoking also makes the skin age quickly, leaving you looking older, ashy and wrinkled up. These also damage the collagen and elastin which act as fibers that give the skin strength and elasticity

  1. Protection from sun

The sun is damaging to the skin and can cause harm to our skin. When going out you need to ensure that you apply SPF of at least 15 every two hours, especially if you will be swimming or sweating. Seek shade at all times; this can be sitting under the tree or an umbrella. There is also sun protective clothing that you can purchase but you can also make certain that you cover your skin with long sleeves and befriend hats. It is also advisable that you stay away from the sun when its sun rays are at their strongest; this is between 10am to 2pm. Remember the sun causes age sports, wrinkles and can be as intense as causing skin cancer.


  1. Keeping your skin tender

To treat your skin gently means not spending long times in baths and showers especially using hot water because this causes the skin to dry up. Pat your skin dry with a towel to secure the moisture left after taking a bath. Avoid strong soaps, try liquid soap that clean and moisturise at the same time. Remember the skin around your eyes and lips is the softest and needs different special attention.




  1. Exfoliating skin

There are exfoliating scrubs and lotions and you can use those twice a week to get read of dead skin cells and permit the skin to breathe and absorb moisture by allowing cream to penetrate leaving a smoother and blotted free skin. If your exfoliator is an all-in-one, you can use it every day.

  1. Add some moisture

It is important that your skin is always moisturised to avoid painful cracks. Make sure you know your skin type and what is good for it; we all have different skin with different needs, so it important to be aware of the needs of your skin to make educated choices. We have people with dry and oily skin and those cannot be treated the same. You can use the old school petroleum jelly because it locks and seals in moisture or any other product with glycerin. Because our skin especially our face is exposed to air pollutants that rob skin from moisture we need to put effort in countering this.


  1. Eat and keeping healthy

It is all on you to make healthy food choices because the skin reacts to what you put in it. Consume foods that are rich with vitamin c like citrus fruits, green peppers, strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes and broccoli. Drink water to stay hydrated, this is good for your body especially if you perspire a lot or when exercising. Stress also gets in the way of having glowing and healthy skin, so try not to stress or do something about it.

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