Online dating…is it really the way to meet your future partner?

Not the most romantic way of meeting someone but online dating is becoming extremely popular. It is especially useful for people who for various reasons cannot go out into the real dating world; the corporate types who work late hours, or the single moms who just can’t get babysitters. 3 of my friends have met their partners online and they seem to be perfectly matched.

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However there are a few harsh realities to online dating. Most of the profiles are inactive so you never get a response. Or you become inundated with the weirdest responses with men trying to send you sexually explicit pictures like that will turn you on. If a man doesn’t know what appeals to a woman, that women are not visually stimulated like them then he is going to be looking at pictures of himself for a long time! You do not always know for sure if the person you are chatting with is a real person but a girl has her ways and means, stalking on facebook being one of them. Someone I know met up with a lady who was a con-artist and had actually appeared on Carte Blanche! Some dating sites require identity validation so it’s best to find and go through those ones. You just have to be careful!


Once you have deleted the disturbed and found one or two decent guys to chat with you can find out a bit about them and see if you would like to take it further. You can see by their profile if they a smoker or their likes and dislikes. You can gage if they are kind, or narcissistic. You can see if they just after sex or something long term. It gives you control to pick and choose without them have met you or know your details. You build an online relationship first and hope that the chemistry will be there, that their voice is not to high pitched or that they really are who they say they are.


You will find certain types of men online dating; there will be the gamer who is addicted to any and every computer game; the wannabe who has a highly exaggerated profile; the cyber sex guy, yes that’s all he wants!; the joker who just laughs and thinks life is all fun. You don’t want this guy if you are looking for a serious relationship. Oh and then we have the player! He will sweet talk you and tell you everything you want to hear. Girls you have to watch out for these Casanova’s, it’s like an art to them. Another type is the business man, a workaholic who hasn’t got time for dating so he probably won’t have time for you. The creepy stalker is one to be weary of. If he sends you many invites and doesn’t take no for an answer that is a red flag. There will also be the adventurous type of guy so if you are into thrill seeking outdoor fun then you will know this is the right match for you. You will also come across the divorced or single dads. They usually had their hearts broken and are just getting back onto the dating scene.


Then you will find the right one for you. He is the nice guy that shows a genuine interest and shows all the qualities you are looking for. Take a risk and give it a try, what have you got to lose? You could find you life partner and future husband. If nothing else you can have a good laugh at any nutters you may come across!


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