Moving or renovating your house survival guide

Renovating or moving house can be exciting but it can also be highly stressful so to limit the stress there are a few tips you can put into action. It is a new season of your life and should be enjoyed. If you plan just a little bit, it can ensure everything runs smoothly and you can ultimately avoid any unforeseen problems.



  • Plan/budget

Always make sure you have the right budget and allow for extras and any hidden costs. Make sure you communicate effectively with your contractors.

  • One room at a time

Don’t plan an entire house remodel unless you have somewhere else to stay for a few months. Take one room at a time so that your house can still be liveable. Make sure you have all the essentials available such as your bed and clothing if your are renovating your bedroom or if you are renovating your kitchen make sure you still have access to your and fridge stove/microwave and kettle.

  • Living space

Ensure you have one part of the house set aside as a comfortable living space. Or maybe even stay with a relative or friend while the work is going on but you also do not want to be too far away as you will have to oversee the project.

  • Keep waste in one area

There is always a huge amount of mess when renovating so work out a clear path and an effective system for removing rubble and waste. Keep it all in one area, preferably out of sight.

  • Protect your house and belongings

If your floors need protection from paint, make sure they are covered. Cover any furniture with plastic sheeting to protect from dust. Even remove furniture and valuable equipment if need be.



  • Don’t leave packing till the last minute

Start collecting or ordering your boxes and packaging and start packing as soon as you can. You can start with things that you don’t use or need on a daily bases such as books or certain kitchen appliances and the garage.

  • Things you need

Make a list of things you need, don’t forget duct tape for sealing boxes and markers to label them. Newspaper or bubble wrap. Keep out some things like toilet paper, towels, pen and paper etc.

  • Label boxes room by room

As you pack a box, label what room it goes into, that will make unpacking a whole lot easier. Even make a list and stick it to the box of what is inside.

  • Keep a kitchen survival box

Make sure you have all you need for cooking meals. Keep a box just filled with ready on the go utensils and crockery; the cups, and plates, knives, forks, spoons, and one or 2 pots. Pack the lunch supplies, tea, coffee and of course the wine opener.

  • Take an inventory

Make sure you make a list of all your valuables and even have them insured. Things do have a way of going missing during a move. List all items in each box and even number your boxes.


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