Misconceptions about single women

When there are movies, television and adds portraying the boy meets girl kind of story, most women get butterflies in their stomach and some couldn’t be bothered even for one bit. Society has made it almost alien for people to live a single life, there has been this need to have a significant other with love couches at the cinema and the “his and hers” goodie bags. To all the single girls, here’s to you, for being drop dead gorgeous from morning to night for no one but yourself, here’s to enjoying your meal in a restaurant with nosy eyes and still not pay any attention and finally, here’s to living life to the fullest.

There are a lot of tales told about single ladies while some could be true but other are just plain out lies. Keeping in mind that we might be going through the streets of single route together but we are completely different in what we do and how we do it. Being single is about pleasing yourself first and last; it’s completely and holistically taking care of only your needs. We will try cover some of these misconceptions to stop the free birds from being looked down upon.


Single girls dress to catch men

Lies! Most women if not all dress to be eyed by the public, in most cases men; this though doesn’t mean we want to lure men to our web, no. Remember women are single by choice, they are not walking these streets wanting to find someone to make them feel better –they already know that we are queen’ing and slaying, hard even. Making effort in looking good is simply all about confidence and taking care of your canvas.

Single women are angry towards men

The anger is not directed to the entire male species it is towards those that hurt women and made them lose a sense of themselves; even so, the anger makes way to lessons. The choices women make to stay single are not all rooted in men but in them. There are a lot of things one can do without having a man by their side and single women are simply exploring those options.


Single women are rebellious

I know a lot of married women that when they tie the knot they gradually lose their single girlfriends. Mother’s of brides also advise to that, believing their daughters will be influenced into doing mischievous things like staying out late, having blackouts from alcohol and leading a promiscuous life. It is not entirely true, women like going out yes but only for a good laugh and great company not to get wasted.

Single women are uncomfortable to be around couples

I don’t know why but once you declare your relationship status, single, friends bring their heads together trying to fix you up with all the Tom, Dick and Jerry of the world. My being single doesn’t have to get in a way of us going out as friends or you confiding in me about your relationship. Single women are not anti romantic relationships –they just want to find themselves again before jumping into a relationship.


Single women are bitter towards love

We’ve been there, done that and gotten our toes burnt once too many times. Having acquired knowledge from years of dating and trying to help out a few friends from going through what we went through; getting into a relationship all naïve with fairytale expectations is dangerous. And try to advice against that can easily be mistaken with being mean towards everything that has to do with love. It is not true; so many people have gone face first in love and come out with regrets and more regrets and we just don’t want our girls to go through heartache that comes with that.


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