Making It In Male Dominated Industries

At some point we want to see ourselves leading big corporations; we aspire to take charge and have our own.Firstly, women need to be cognisant to the fact that they will have to work harder than the normal men with same qualifications and drive but what is also important is that it is not impossible; we have a lot of women leading up big position in various sectors and are doing a commendable job of it.

What you can expect

Women come across as vulnerable and this result in them having to constantly prove themselves and their abilities in everything they decide to partake in especially with male dominated careers and positions. You will find that it will be a bit challenging for you to climb the ladder and fill the position you are determine to fill solely because you are a woman. When people hire for big positions they tend to be reluctant to pick women because we have “baggage” maternity leaves, family leaves and other responsibilities that we will have to respond to during meetings.

There will be a lot of sidelining if you have managed to find yourself in an upper position. You might find that you will be given petty deals and projects and not be included in major business decisions. Some women experience inequality in a sense that they are paid far less than their male counterparts others experience unfriendly conditions where there are no facilities which are needed by women.


What never to do

It will be hard but never hide by the corner and allow to be sidelined. You will have to get your opinion and ideas across and if they don’t listen try harder. Remember no one will hand you a deal just like that; a lot of successful people never stopped trying and that’s why they are where they are.

You will be offered dodgy deals like sleeping your way up to a position and these are one of the things that continue making women look incompetent. It will never stop with only that deal; know that you will be doing it more than once and to more than one person. Don’t use bribery either get your position on merit you will find that it is more rewarding than accustoming yourself to corrupt behaviour.


What you need to do

Keep yourself informed about the industry you want to get into; there is nothing that beats knowledge. Research what the position is all about and what is done on a day-to-day base. You will also need this information to get yourself familiar with what would be required of you; there is nothing like finding the hard way that this is not what you thought it would be or that it is not the right thing for you.

Network; I know this is sometimes easier said than done but it is doable. There are networking events that are done for next to nothing and some completely free. These open up new opportunities that would normally be known by a circle group of people but because you are now part of the network you will have the privilege of knowing doors that are open. Have a mentor, someone whom you want to reach the position they are in. They will be able to pass on lesson that will be worthy for your journey because most likely they have walked the path you are planning to walk.

Never get comfortable and stop growing; if there are opportunities available for you to advance take them. Read and expose yourself to new innovative things happening within and around the industry you are in, even if this will not be directly useful to your kind of work; it will make sense because you will be aware of small things that make up the bigger picture after all it is important that subsystems work well for a super system to work.

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