Keeping Your Commitments And Managing Your Time Well

There are things that are piling up waiting for us to get them over and done with, but it is not as simple as that. A lot of us make all sorts of promises and once too many times break them, not because we wished to but we totally forgot we had commitments. You sometimes find yourself double booked not knowing who or what you should go with and which one you should drop. It is something we all want to change because let’s face it; it is not a nice feeling to know you dropped the ball.

This, not only can paint you as someone who can’t keep to her promises, you could run into a risk of losing your job or projects because no one is ever understanding enough to take excuse after excuse –this shows unprofessionalism and reflects bad on your eagerness to present your work in time. There are a number of things that will help you feel 24 hours is just enough to get what is needed done. The only thing that makes us feel miserable and like we are suffocating is lack of planning and scheduling.

Have your diary or calendar at all times

One mistake people make is thinking they can rely on their memory alone. Trust me; it only works for a few minutes –once you are in it with other things it will come out. The only thing you will remember is that you should be remembering something, that’s it. Note down the meetings you are scheduled to have; write the time, venue and the scope of the meeting. Remember to write everything in the appropriate date page, if it will be on the 21st of July, write it on the 21st July. Make it a habit before going to sleep to flip through about 7 pages from that day, just to make sure that you are not caught by any surprises.

One thing I love about digital calendars is that you are able to set the reminder of the meeting for any time that you are comfortable with. If it’s not that important you can stick with 3 hours before the event, but if it’s something you need to prepare try at least two days before.


Pay attention and take one thing at a time

I know we are living in an era of multitasking and with the whole women are like octopuses; with one hand doing this and the next doing another. What I have been told is that you can’t do two things at a time and expect both of them to be exceptionally done –one will drag behind. Have you ever been so involved in a task so much so that you can’t hear someone talking next to you? Or texting what they were saying instead of continuing with the topic? You might be a woman but you are no machine. When someone is trying to tell you something important stop and listen. When you find that this brief has a due date that is close, do that first and then follow with the other. Don’t try do both of them at the same time especially if it’s similar projects.

Have proper sleep

They were not crazy when they said 8 hours of sleep is what you need. I know some days won’t allow 8 hours of sleep but try having a proper sleep. We don’t want you walking around like something from a scary movie. I have noticed with me, that whenever I try to stretch the hours of work I find myself blubbing around. And I wake up a few hours later and find that I wrote nothing but nonsense and have to start all over again. I will advise that if you have nearing deadlines rather sleep at and night and wake up early with a rested and fresh mind with ideas unlike working the whole night on a worn out brain.


The extras

The food you eat also contribute our small attention span, so try eating healthy foods –slip in a fruit as a snack and exercise, it doesn’t have to be at gym but in the comfort of your own home. Just 10 minutes of exercise a day will do you wonders.




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