Is there a cut off age for changing your career completely?

According to statics the average age of retirement in 34 countries worldwide – 65 for men and 63.5 for woman, however in South Africa it is approximately 60.


The question is, do we follow society’s norms or do we embark on ventures we would like to accomplish or go with tradition … what is correct?

Complete your schooling, obtain a degree, commence working in a corporation or field of your choice or become an entrepreneur. How long will it take you to achieve all of this? How old will you be when you think you are ready to change your career if you have not ventured into the right direction and quit your day time current job?

During your career choices you might have a stroke of good luck land in your lap, and all of a sudden become rich due to this magical change of events. Then it’s off to Hollywood to become a super star with the bling bling! The question we normally ask when reading the news media or observing and the lifestyle of the rich and the famous, are they just the lucky ones? Were they born with a golden spoon like the Royals? Did someone give you the short end of the stick? Alternatively were you destined to become a president overnight and lead a democratic society?


Age is nothing but a number and there is definitely no cut-off age at all to endeavour into some new industry, when striving to make it happen. There are times when you go through stumbling blocks however you work and make it happen, never losing sight of your dreams.

A few of us build our nest egg and then retire; others let their money work for them. Sadly statistics in South Africa predict that the younger generation attain early unemployment in general, however on a much lighter note; here are some inspirational people we know that have imprinted a positive in our lives. We admire them and they give us hope in achieving our goals and reassuring us that we can make a success irrespective of our age.

Whether these successful people were early or late bloomers career wise they ventured and made a success …

Harold Sanders, the homeward brand of fast-food Colonel of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Today this southern fried chicken is a treat for most South Africans. He was 65 years old when his franchise became a dream best seller in the fast food industry. The original southern fried chicken with its authentic herbs and spices was taken to a whole new level.

Ronal Reagan pursued a career in acting and later ventured into the politics at the ripe age of 55.

Riaad Moosa, followed in his family footsteps and became a qualified medical doctor and GP. Where after in his mid-twenties changed his career to that of local comedian.


Richard Branson, our favourite slogan Virgin Man – “Screw It, Let’s do it”, a man with no boundaries, was a mere age of 16 and now one of the world’s most renounced business entrepreneurs (his brand boasts our local gyms and banks). “You are not stuck where you are unless you decide to be.” – Wayne Deyer


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