Is It An Open Relationship Or It Is Just Over?

I know some women who are open to ideas of having an open relationship and those that totally oppose it. Being aware of the fact that there are things that will work well in one relationship and not in another, opens up a number of things a couple can dip their toes in to test the waters.

Do we remember Jada, Will Smith’s wife’s response on the matter saying if Will wished to have a woman on the side he could “as long as he could look at himself in the mirror?” I’m quite sure a lot of men wished they had wives like Jada, ones that will leave everything to the men and trust that his conscious will stop him from straying. The question is does it stop him from staying?

An open relationship is described as a couple that is still together but is open or allowed to date other people outside the relationship. There are also rules and boundaries that are set for each partner to not cross. It could be things like you are not allowed to be sexually involved with the third party more than once to prevent both of you eventually falling in love or never introducing them to your friends or people you are close to, to mention a few. It is something that both people should be in agreement of. And is said to keep the spark in the relationship because parties are not bound to face the same thing every time; there are spontaneous things on the side that they indulge in causing them to be more lively and bring that energy to the relationship.


I don’t know but this sounds like it promotes promiscuous behaviour rather than growing the relationship. You can’t strengthen a relationship by running away or ignoring your problems. There are already challenges that come with only the two of you in a relationship and what more when there are three four or fifteen people in it. You won’t have the hunger to make things work because you are not 100% invested and committed to it and you basically have nothing to lose should the relationship not work out. Sometimes fear of disappointing our partners is what makes us abstain from doing certain things, and if you tell him, “should you cheat and be able to look at yourself in the mirror after that it’s okay with me”, then what you are saying in short is that he is in the relationship with himself. He needs to consider your feelings in everything he does, that’s why you are both in the relationship.

You have already had a test-drive of dating and have acquired skills in perfecting your “date-game” and should the opportunity presents itself for you to break-up with your current partner, you wouldn’t think twice to fight for the relationship. To make a relationship work there needs to be 100% attention to yourself and then to the relationship. You need to express your desires, that you feel are fulfilled outside the relationship, to your partner and try, mutually work things out for the enjoyment of the both of you.


Some of those in an open relationship say that it prevents each party from cheating; but why would you cheat if you could just tell your partner that I saw so-and-so and I want to get on with her? But at the end of the day if you feel an open relationship is good for both of you then by all means continue with it. It is a preference and I’m quite certain that there are reasons behind the choice. Even though a lot may not be for the decision but like they say, love is between the two in the relationship, so if the two of you agree with this then it shouldn’t matter what others say.

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