Is Botox Really a Good Idea?

Reaching a certain age, be it late twenties or forties; there will come a time where we might stand in front of the mirror and inspect ourselves a little more critical than usual. We scrutinise every line, wrinkle and saggy crinkle.

We might consider the most expensive creams, therapies and ointments but every so often the word Botox makes itself at home and finds a cosy place to stay in our minds.


Where does the B-word come from?

Botox is actually produced by a bacterium called Clostridium Botulinum which is found almost everywhere in nature – from forests and cultivated soils to sediments of lakes and untreated waters.

The bacterium produces botulinum toxin, which is actually very poisonous. Scientists have estimated that a single gram could kill as many as one million people.

How does is work? 

Short and simple: Botox or Botulinum toxin temporarily paralyses the muscles. Now before everyone’s heads starts spinning about the toxicity of Botox, it’s important to know that only a dose makes a remedy poisonous. Botox is injected in extremely small concentrations. It works almost like a wall; built to prevent signals from the nerve cells to reach the muscles. This leaves muscles without instructions to contract and they are then in a paralysing state.


Not just a Vanity product.   

Botox’s main claim to fame is ironing out those unwanted lines but they also help with a variety of medical conditions like eye twitches or spasms, leaky bladders and even to help prevent migraines.

Is Botox a good idea?   

It’s important to talk to at least more than two people about Botox. There have never been any really major side effects connected to Botox (that could be proven) but there have been some scary stories and myths.

The procedure should be done professionally and if it’s done right there should be no problems but some women have reported things like headaches, numbness, uneven brows or mild pains around the injected area.

Botox can take up to 72 hours for one to see results. In some cases it can take up to five days for women to notice the difference.

If you’re pregnant or lactating Botox might not be a good idea or of course the more obvious allergic reaction, then I would say that it’s a big “no, no”

Mistakes do happen however and sometimes doctors can hit a nerve which causes droopy eyes. It will wear off in few weeks though, so don’t fret.

female face with wrinkles on her forehead


  • While Botox might be great it can’t perform miracles. Most doctors prefer to keep Botox to the upper third of the face but also use it to reduce lip lines. Generally it’s mostly injected to treat crow’s feet (lines on the sides of the eyes) Bunny lines (on the side of the nose at the top close to the eyes) and for gentle brow lifts.
  • Look for a Board Certified Plastic surgeon or dermatologist. This is serious stuff.
  • It’s important to tell your doctor exactly what you want and his job to get you there. Sometimes Botox isn’t the only answer.
  • More is not better – it can just end up being too much. A compatible amount of injections might be twice a year in very small dosages. Remember you’re injecting a Nero toxin into your forehead! So in this case less is better.

beauty treatment, botox injection

For celebs, it’s like walking into a candy store. Just remember that it is an alteration and the more you ask the more you’ll know. Knowledge is power. Other than that Botox can never be a cheap way out or one of those things you cut corners with. We all love Joan Rivers and her quirky and sometimes outrageous comments on E’s Fashion Police but we also loved The Joker in Batman. So just be cautious what you think fabulous looks like.

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