Ideas you can use to celebrate your wedding anniversary

Give us any reason to celebrate and we are game.

I don’t know of anyone, especially a woman, who doesn’t like to be spoiled and made to feel special. Wedding anniversaries are celebrations where, for once, men can also be included and equally share the moment.


We can agree that we have the tendency to be the center of attention to most celebrations if not all. You can get dried up on options to take to make the day memorable and amazing after long years of marriage; you can only do so much for 10 years.


Without taking away from the initial “big day” make sure that each anniversary is just as great and signifies the love both of you share for one another. To enjoy every minute of it, make certain you both take part in the coming of ideas and planning; that in it will bring you closer and overwhelmed with excited.

The renewal of vows

It is undisputed the amount of time and energy that goes in planning a wedding; half the time you are not in the moment, just wishing and praying that nothing goes out of place and everyone is impressed of the way the wedding turned out. So this “second wedding” will be what you have always wanted; a shared moment of beauty with no efforts to stand out or impress people, just simplicity with your loved ones. You can also buy each other new wedding rings and do away with old ones, refresh everything and get excited over wearing wedding rings again.


Relive the day you met

What is more beautiful than going back to the day you met the man or woman of your dreams? Remind each other of everything that went on to your first date; the clothes and perfume you wore and the restaurant you went to with the food you were served. This will definitely revive your love and be a reminder of what drew each one to the other.


Learn new things together

Going through new experiences helps to grow and expose the relationship to greater things. You can go to museums or galleries and learn about the origin of people and various things. You can also go to places where you will learn about the wild life or underwater life.


Do something together

Being involved in various tasks with someone teaches you patience, strengths and weaknesses you both have and how you work with people and handle the pressures that come with it all. Both of you can go to a cooking class or an art class where you will create from scratch beautiful things and share moments that will bring laughter and joy.

Have something to tell your grandchildren about

Frozen moments in a form of pictures are beautiful to have and reminisce over in the future. Get both of you sketched or painted by a professional artist. You can also schedule a photo shoot done by a professional photographer in a setting of your choice.

Commit to something that will continuously need you

Find something that will be heartwarming and will teach both of you responsibility and humility. Get a pet that you will be able to take care of even beyond the anniversary day or you could adopt a charity organisation and give your time to the needy or better yet plant a tree.

Engage in sweet and romantic things

Have something that will be for the both of you to enjoy without the kids and others. Write sentimental letters to one another about things you love and appreciate about your spouse. Fold a piece of paper of written wishes you both have for the relationship and insert it to a bottle or any other container and keep it safe, so if your dreams have been fulfilled you will have the joys of appreciating the hard work both of you put up to make it possible. You can cuddle up to an awesome movie or your wedding video or go out to a restaurant you never ate at.



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