How to stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy 

Get your body geared up for the countdown of the maternal D-day and happy motherhood eliminate any negative beliefs of old wives’ tales on the subject of the delivery room – one step at a time in your stride and with ease. You can look great and feel healthy and be a glamourous mother at the same time!


Let motherhood be a zesty occasion. With a few tips and tricks incorporating gradual changes in your the day to day humdrum not to be stressful for women today. Although in yester years our recollection of women then popping out armies of children hassles free.

Bring back balance into your daily routine, enhance your current lifestyle and ensure health and fitness all round for you and your Bambino.

Listen to your body or get to know it – you are the only one who will know this! Instead of eating 2 slices of cake, opt for one. Some foods that you were accustomed to will not agree with you, as the little one inside are eating too. So stop!! Our body is amazing as you adapt to different things through this transition. Everything you eat, drink or exercise will be different so take it slow and in moderation, which is key.

Exercise – I surely do not recall my parents working out! Did they even know that a gym existed? In this day and age I think the majority of us are health conscious however we play a game denial game with ourselves and are lazy to exercise opting for the couch. Do not fall into this inactivity; passive exercise can be incorporated in almost every daily routine in order to avoid any extra kilograms (excluded kilograms of that of your baby). Your activities can be enjoyed in a group, or on your own, which includes indoor cycling, Zumba, swimming, brisk walk, yoga, dancing or water aerobics. These exercises are easy and not strenuous on your body and the baby.

Health – pre-natal care is vital to all moms to be. Whether you’re first born or number 2. Regular visits and follow-ups to the GP assist with the heart rate of both of you. This will optimise your health. Monitoring the baby’s weight and yours and identifying what vitamins and minerals you may take in and monitor your pre and post health.


Education – Research (knowledge is key). Whilst relaxing you can read a book, two or three, or Google. Enlighten yourself on various topics inclusive of the one at hand and prepare yourself for parenthood during and after the pregnancy.

Heed advice – when all else fails! “Ask the professionals”, the older generation of woman who have hands on experience, your mother, aunt or a friend. They are old school and have natural remedies and advice. They do not rely on modern day know how.

Pregnancy should be embraced and it is easier with a bit of new found skills. All of the above in moderation and sticking to these tips will lighten the weight

For more tips for mothers to be, the following A to Z guide is a handy read,

“Expect the Best: Your Guide to Healthy Eating Before, During, and After Pregnancy” – May 1, 2009, by ADA (American Dietetic Association) (Author), Elizabeth M. Ward  (Author)

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