How To Pack Like A Pro For Your Trip!

That moment you have to think about packing your clothing, shoe, make-up, hair and toiletry cupboard in one bag not exceeding 23kg and not exceeding 90 x 75 x 43cm  for a 3 week holiday, well.. that is when I explode in a cold sweat followed by hot flushes and severe heart palpitations..

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What if it’s cold, or hot or humid or what if it snows unexpectedly.. I am going to need my GHD and night and day cream and toner and serum, gosh and medicine and and and!! The list is endless what you can pack, especially traveling to the “not-so-up-to-standard-countries”.  I have been there, done that and paid a lot of money for excess luggage and today I want to share some of my traveling tips!

I would like to describe myself as fairly “travelled” individual, setting foot on five of our seven continents, ate croissants and gulping down cappuccino’s in more than twenty countries, probably bordering close to a thousand flights (hello miles) and passport books piling up like Huisgenoot mags in an old age home.

Herewith Some Of My First Hand, Tried And Tested Tips:

  • Do thorough research of the country/countries you will be visiting. Some countries like UAE (United Arab Emirates), Malé (Capital of Maldives) and some Asian countries are very strict on dress code in public. You are not to show any shoulders or reveal and part of your legs above the knee. Some places even require you to cover your hair. These are mainly due to religious and cultural grounds. Remember even though you might be from a different religion or culture, you are visiting their country so you must respect their wishes.  This will obviously influence your clothing choice majorly!
  • Research the weather.  In which season will your destination be? You can get some pretty accurate weather forecasts on the internet, don’t forget to check the humidity! I bought an umbrella in London for one pound – if you can afford it, no need to pack the extra weight!
My one Pound umbrella!


  • Check your airline. Each airline has different luggage allowances and bag dimensions. I do love Emirates as they are the most generous when it comes to weight!
  • Once you have packed your suitcase, unpack it again and take 5 items out. Yes leave them at home. No you won’t need them.
  • So how do I pack my suitcase? Roll baby Roll, yip roll your clothes, tightly. This helps avoid creases and you can pack much more!

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    Roll baby Roll
  • Travel with your heaviest and bulkiest clothes on, I am talking about that heavy studded leather jacket and boots.
  • Avoid packing bulky wool garments when traveling to colder destinations. Rather opt for thinner heat generating tops/vests/tights to wear under your jacket.
  • I love my jewelry and they are always in the smallest pouch but the heaviest, pop them in your hand bag (This is me whispering – *They never weigh handbags* Shhhhh)
  • Layer, mix and match. I pack basics and spice it up with scarves, jewelry or hats (light stuff) I will usually pack one blue denim, black pants, one pair of tights/leather leggings and a pair of white skinny jeans with a clean t-shirt/shirt for everyday. Two jackets – one leather and one denim – they go with everything. One pair of white sneakers, one pair black, one pair tan pumps, sandals and one pair of heels (black or tan), (shoes are heavy – the less you pack the better)! One semi formal dress, two smart tops I can pair with my tights/jeans and two summer dresses (depending on the weather).  I avoid anything with beads and buckles as this add to weight – every kg counts! I’ll take one handbag, which I travel with (black or tan) and pack one small sling/clutch bag for the evenings.Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 10.48.47 PM
  • Going to a summer destination? Mix and match your bikini tops and bottoms, pack three bikini’s and get nine different looks!
  • Before I pack my suitcase I put together an outfit for everyday and take a picture on my phone. So each morning I open my suitcase it’s no scrambling around to see what is clean or dirty and what goes with what. And tada – no unworn, extra clothes!
  • Fill those holes – I am talking shoe holes, that is extra packing space, squeeze anything you can in there, socks, underwear, hair accessories, scarves etc… But be careful for the bras! I support the cups with socks to keep their shape.
  • Going away for three weeks doesn’t mean you have to pack clean underwear/socks or sleepwear for three weeks – Wait? What? Pack or buy a small pack of hand wash powder and rinse your underwear/socks/sleepwear when you take shower.
  • I travel with a linen laundry bag (most hotels provide) and pack my dirty laundry neatly away in the cupboard until I have to repack my suitcase again where the bag goes straight in and straight to the wash when I arrive home.
  • Suitcases are heavy! If you are a regular traveller it’s probably better to invest in a light weight suitcase, they do come with a hefty price tag but in the long run this will be more economical and beneficial for you and your shopping 🙂

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