How To Keep Him Happy

They are hard to live with but ladies let’s admit it; we enjoy the fact that they are in our lives. At times it can get a bit challenging to ensure that everyone is on the same page especially with the whole thing about women being from Venus and men from Mars but it is doable. Our partners can rub us the wrong way but that doesn’t mean we don’t want the best for them. Seeing him happy and fulfilled sends butterflies to our tummies; if he is happy we are happy too.

Trust me, it is nothing like trigonometry; it is small things that don’t require much effort on your part but will sure put a smile on his face. Remember if you want to be treated well you should portray the same treatment to others.

Tell the truth and nothing but the truth

Be honest with your man because the truth eventually comes out. Men have pride and they want to come across as people who know and handle their business with exception. So if he is with the boys and someone walks by telling him they saw you in some club while you said you will be attending a funeral, things are going to get sour. Don’t take it as reporting your every move but rather being honest about your whereabouts. If he is not getting honesty he will retaliate and be disloyal to you.

Take some time in looking good

Not saying that you should let him dictate to you what to wear and not, make certain that you look good for yourself and your man. He will want to show you off and if you look like you were in a tug war with stray cats then why would he go anywhere with you? Wash your hair up, style it and put on something beautiful with a sprinkle of cologne and you are A okay.


Give complements where they are due

When he does something remarkable don’t hold back on the praises. We know how compliments make us feel; we go the whole day feeling like queens of the world. Men like to feel appreciated and needed so remember, next time you ask him to open that jar you are struggling with, plant a kiss and comment on his strength.

Let him have his time and respect it

I know we want to cuddle up with them and stare them in the eyes the whole day but they will need their alone time. They will want to do certain things with the boys, not because you bore them or anything of that sort; they just want to be in the midst of like-minded people and talk about meaningless things. Let him watch his soccer game in peace and respect that he has a life outside the relationship; you don’t need to suffocate each other. Mingling with other people gives new perspective on various issues which might be good for the relationship.


Don’t play games with him

Friends will whisper in your ear all sorts of crazy things. Although it would be nice to get advice from the girls but remember no one will know the relationship more than your man and yourself. Don’t make him jealous by stroking guy’s hair or flirting while he is with you; it will not spice up the relationship or make him love you more, if they are telling you that they are lying. You are in a relationship not a sport arena so stop with the games they are not helping either one of you.

Get freaky with him

We wouldn’t have this conversation without tapping into the sex part. Give your man some loving and he will love you. Have discussions on how you are going to spice up the bedroom to keep things fun, new and exciting. Note that it shouldn’t be all on you and relationship has two people involved so he also needs to play his part.

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