How soon is too soon to have a baby with your partner

What is the norm today, we are living in an era where the 30’s are the new 20’s and the 40’s are the new 30’s. Couples all over seem to be expanding their family later in life and contrary to their parent’s traditions who were mostly in their teens or early 20’s.


I have not started a family as of yet and heading towards 40, my biological clock ticking which is way overdue. Doctor’s proclaim that health factors will play an important role and the risks thereof are higher, this state of late development will surely create mayhem as we are warned that there is a cut-off date of 40.

By Evelyn Minaya, MD, OB/GYN Vice President of Women Caring for Women, Playing by Your Biological Clock’s Rules, stated in her article that, “As women, we face challenges every day, whether it is at work, home or in our personal relationships. It is especially difficult when we talk about the challenges women face when having a baby. Not only can a woman face difficulties in becoming pregnant, but complications can also arise in terms of keeping the pregnancy and giving birth. Presented here is some purely factual information about fertility and age.”

Be this as it may, most of us would like to pursue our careers and ensure that we have lived life and are financially stable. We assume that at the age of 40 we would also be geared for parenthood out of choice and maturity.


Some of us started early as we always dreamt of having a family and this happened without planning ahead. So plunged head on into the unforeseen future and made it happen.

Others are scared of being faced with the challenge of still having to make ends meet to support their children at the time when they should be retired and the kids should be self- supported and raising their own children for that matter. They started early, barely made ends meet, somehow got it correct and directed their kids out of the nest.

Dr Phil, in his article on Should You Have A Baby, states that:

“Life is about choices. You choose your behaviour, and therefore you choose your consequences. Don’t choose the behaviour if you can’t deal with the consequences. Babies are a lot easier to make than they are to raise.”

I suppose were all have different views and take into account the circumstances that surround our choices and decisions. We might opt for sooner than later or later than sooner, personal preference when you call yourself a professional as you now think you have the know-how and that now is the right timing and that you are mature enough.


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