How Important is an Expensive Engagement Ring?

Being engaged is a commitment to each other, it is of more value than the most expensive ring or it should be.


While having the engagement ring is romantic and every woman’s dream, you have to decide, is worth the wait to save until you get the right one? What about purchasing a temporary ring that you can afford in the mean time? It would be foolish to get yourselves into debt in the beginning of your marriage. Whether it is real or not, cheap or expensive it is about the moment the ring is place on your finger whenever that may be. Keep to a budget and communicate your price to the jeweller. Choose your Jeweller wisely. Try to avoid some dodgy back alley deal that seems too good to be true. It might even be a good idea to take out insurance on the ring, it is can be one or the most expensive things you will ever buy.


Buying the right ring:

When you do decide to buy a ring, maybe go window shopping with your bride to be to gage what kind of ring she likes or even ask her friends to spy for you.

Chose the right band. Thin or thick, gold, white gold or platinum, find out what she would prefer.  Chose the right setting and gemstone. Precious stones, like diamonds, rubies, sapphires or even semi precious stones such as amethysts or aquamarines. A Cubic Zirconia is man-made and a bit softer but can also be a nice substitution. Know the The 4 C’s or a diamond: These are the carat, color, clarity and cut of the gemstone. The cut refers to the number, placement, shape, and craftsmanship. The colours can be from the blue of the Hope Diamond to red, pink, amber, orange, and canary yellow.  The clarity refers to how clean it is. A carat is a unit of weight (not to be confused with karat, which indicates the purity of gold). You can ask for a certificate of authenticity to accompany your diamond ring to know its origin.

The ring will be an important symbol in your lives. Give yourself time, be patient, try to not panic and remember what is more important.

“The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.” ~ Helen Keller

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