Go Big Or Go Home: Enlargement Procedure Without Surgery

There are so many beauty statements that we love but we are scared of permanent commitments like surgery to acquire them. We are not guaranteed that the big lip look will be a hit even 10 years from now so this gives us more reasons to try out other available options first, that will help provide the look that is currently making the rounds all around the world.

The look that you want doesn’t have to be permanent because when it comes to beauty it is forever evolving. A lot of women have found themselves regretting the choices they made back then, like tattooing their lip line to avoid the stress of putting on lip liner every morning; we don’t want that to be us right ladies? Here are tricks and tips that are not everlasting you can choose from.

The small lip

No ladies, you don’t have to walk around in a pout to have a full looking lip. I know a lot of you are frustrated by their tinny lips but there are makeup tips to get your small lip a thing of a past. Use a lip liner to define your lip and then follow with your lipstick and let them twinkle with a lip pluming gloss; they shouldn’t look like you just had some fries dripping with oil. We all know that dark colours give an illusion of small sizes, so go crazy and wild with the light shades of lipstick.


The small eye

A lot of people are obsessed with eyes, if you have an Asian-like eye you can jump ship and join the fuller look. Apply a white or lighter colour on your wet line and then follow with your black eyeliner below the rim of your eye from the outside of the eye and halfway through, remember not to use eye liner all around your eye it will give you the opposite effect. You should extend the eyeliner beyond the outer corner of your eye and be generous with that mascara.


The small breasts

Sometimes women wish they had fuller breasts for that bandage dress they love that leaves them looking like a boy in a dress. You can achieve the look you want by wearing padded bras; push up bras are the ultimate choice, they lift the twins and bring them closer towards each other to give off a cleavage. Never wear small sized bras or stuff your bra with tissues and other things, that’s definitely not on. If you will be attending a big event you can try out contouring with a bronzer to give an allusion of a cleavage with makeup. Lastly you can practice good posture; do the stomach in and chest out.


Short height

A lot of us prematurely stopped growing in height, short ladies are attractive but sometimes you want to walk tall (excuse the pan). Life is too short wear stilettos; add a little inch to your heels. There is everything for everyone, no excuses ladies. High-waist skirts and pants are another thing to consider; they give an allusion of long legs because the clothing starts hanging from the waist than the pelvic. Play around with colour and short bottoms.


The small face

The face is the first thing that people look at when they see you and if you are insecure about your thin-looking face there are other options you can consider. Don’t go too big or too small; try shoulder length hairstyles that have a little volume and a fringe. When you put on makeup ensure that you stay away from darker palates; play around with makeup that will give you a bright and fresh look.



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