Giving Your Bedroom a Summer Makeover

Ladies; take some time to quickly remind yourself of that fresh and lively feeling you experience when shopping for a new wardrobe. Moving all those winter outfits aside and having a clean canvas to showcase summer trends. Now imagine feeling the same way when walking into your new bedroom – wearing a summer inspired outfit is one thing but walking into a summer inspired room is another feeling entirely.


A fresh look just excites a whole sea of emotions. People need change even if it’s just rearranging the furniture in your bedroom or giving it a fresh coat of paint. Just make sure it says “summer” to get you in the mood, even on those rainy days. Admire you’re old bedroom look – the beige walls and off-white pillow covers. They have all served you well, now take a moment and say “goodbye”. Start by looking at things you can still use and things that are entirely out dated and ready to exit the building.

Think of summery colours. Bedroom colours tend be more pastel than bright but that doesn’t mean you can’t choose your favourite colour. Be on the lookout for soft yellows, blues, calming greens or any fresh friendly colour with a lighter undertone. Dark, warm colours should maybe be kept out of the picture for this one; they tend to have more of an autumn feel. You don’t even have to paint all the walls the same colour – to make it more interesting go for two complimentary colours or just pick a specific wall. Stay away from too many colours at once though, just to avoid a children’s bedroom look.


Solid stencils are very popular now-a-day and they are designed very sophisticated. Think of your favourite thing about summer. Tree stencils or three or four birds in flight are a popular choice, something fresh and lively. Photos like a beach sunset or a happy smiley family portrait in light frames can already brighten up the room. Paint your stencils in a solid neutral colour against your colourful wall; for instance a white tree against your pastel green.


Next few things to go are those duvet covers, curtains and pillow casings. For a summer feel choose your duvet cover in a colour that won’t overwhelm the room and rather add more detail to your pillow casings. A simple colour with minimum designs will do just fine, rather get creative with your throw pillows, mix and match them around. When picking curtains go for more flowy design and fabrics such as lace, linen and sheer cotton light weight fabrics will allow more light to come into your room and create a playful atmosphere when the wind catches is – it makes the room seem more alive. Layer window treatments are also a popular choice something like wooden blinds at the back and your lacy curtains at the front.

Lighting is a very important aspect in any home all around the house – not just in the bedroom. We usually use two things to really set a mood: Music and lighting, which is why it’s important to know which mood you’ll want to wake to. Bright open lighting works better for a crisp breezy feel, but you don’t want to go too bright and wake up in the morning with the sun literally inside your room. Rather place smaller lights in bigger numbers in the room and avoid just one big bright light. A sea of tiny dangling light sets a romantic mood without creating a warm and stuffy atmosphere


Décor – If you’re really going all out with the redecorating then consider the type of furniture you’ll be placing in your bedroom as well. Bed pieces, dressers bedside tables, whatever you feel you need in the room. Choose soft woods with lighter colours like Pine, Cedar or a rustic wood. Cherries and darker, harder woods tend to go better with an autumn/winter style. Bamboo furniture is also a favourite; with a tropical summery feeling – you’ll trick yourself into thinking you’ve woken up in paradise.


What should stay and what should go, those big warm tapestries hanging from your wall should maybe make their way towards another room, unless you can incorporate them into your design idea – maybe a cultural Indian or tribal style, you can still make it feel like summer with your décor. Add a touch of nature to your room, like the bamboo furniture. you’ll get a tropical feel when you enter your room – If you associate tropical destinations with summer why not? Pick something that reminds you this particular season. The appropriate size pot plants can give you fresh change (never try and use the alternative of a fake plant) a little bonsai for a therapeutic corner. It can even be as simple as a bowl of lemons on some beach shells somewhere in the room.

Going crazy and buying a whole new set of furniture shouldn’t be the main focus, you can still redecorate your room under budget. A fresh coat of paint and a new set of casings for your throw pillows (which can be homemade) is change enough for your space to look and feel brand new.


Getting up in the morning is really just a celebration of a new day – waking up in a room that makes you feel ready and prepared for the day should be at the top of anyone’s list and falling asleep in it should also be calm and relaxing. This is your special space and sometimes your means of escape from the world so why not make it a safe haven you’ll want to spend time in?



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