Getting Rid Of The Lady Pains In These Six Options

That time of the month where you feel like there is a hurricane taking over your abdomen; we know that very well and we go through the cycle eagerly waiting for the last day. I know of a lot of women, including myself, wishing they didn’t have to endure so much pain and the stress of having your period. Besides having the tormenting pain there is also the carrying around sanitary pads everywhere you go and having your wild plans being sabotaged by the red robot.

So because we can’t stop the cycle we can at least try stop the pain and the unwillingness to do anything fun when it is that time of the month. Women are truly one of a kind, no man can ever handle half the pain most women go through at least once a month. There is much to do and we can’t let the three to seven days of the cycle stop us from living our lives.

Taking pain relievers

A lot of women opt for this because it is easier and get’s the work done. There are countless pain relievers you can use to ease the pain but you will have to take into account of other factors that may counter your efforts, these could be your allergies and medical conditions. The cramps might be so severe that you just want to get your hands on the pills but remember to read up on them; try doing this, weeks before your cycle occurs so you don’t become bias to the side effects written.

Keep yourself moving

Ever noticed that the minute you get home the cramps insist? Well it is because you were mostly on your feet moving up and done and that soothed the pain. There are yoga positions you can try out that will help in trying to eliminate the pain. If you are not into yoga you can exercise or go for a jog or walk outside unlike sitting at home doing nothing; distraction is the ultimate goal here.


Use heating methods

If you are in the comfort of your own home you can heat your hot water bottle, wrap it with a light towel and place it to your stomach or lower abdomen; this can be for a period of 15 to 20 minutes. A girl can never say no to a long bath so ladies you can also treat yourself to a hot bath; if you wish to add Epsom salt you can go right ahead. Let your body be completely covered with the water, this will relax your muscles.


Eat potassium rich foods

The cramps might be a result of lack of potassium in your body. Watch what you put in your mouth at least a week before your period. Try out bananas, tuna and salmon, leafy green vegetables like your spinach, and dried fruits like raisins and apricots. Some recommend drinking a lot of water and hot beverages such as chamomile and green tea or hot chocolate. Stay away from caffeine and smoking and alcohol.


Massage the abdomen

You can also massage your abdomen until you feel some relief. Ask a friend or partner to massage your back preferably your lower back. The message will alleviate mild period cramping. You can also apply pressure to your abdomen for about 5 to 20 breathes and then release the pressure; do this continuously until you feel a little better.


Sleeping positions to explore

Sleeping in a correct position can help a little bit; lie on your side and have a pillow between your legs for support. Other options include sleeping in a fetus position or lying on your back lifting your legs up high. If all these don’t help you should consult a doctor for a more professional help and if you have other treatments drop a comment and let us know your tips and tricks.


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