Do men really change or mature when they meet the right woman?

What is it with men today? This generation of men seem to be lovers of themselves. Chivalry is certainly dead and so is the dependable, responsible and strong provider like maybe our fathers or our grandfathers. They seem immature and generally have no real goals or focus. It is true they want to stay kids forever; the size of their toys just gets bigger.


Ok, before I get the men sending me hate mail, I know there are a few of them out there who are mature already. They are not stuck in their teenage world but realise that life brings certain responsibilities but they are usually the ones already taken!

So you find yourself a relatively good guy and you click, yes he may seem a little immature but you think he will grow up eventually. You think you can fix him or help him. Some women do actually succeed in this because for whatever reason men just need a little help! They need a reason to become mature i.e. work, a woman or a wild family. Obviously age does have a lot to do with it. Men in their twenties, let’s face it are still boys! Some are probably still living at home while they work part time and study. The education system does not help, it spoon feeds men copious amounts of useless information not teaching them basic life skills such as budgeting or looking after themselves. Mothers also perpetuate the problem by doing everything for their sons. They do not learn how to clean or iron their own clothes. Only when they get out into the ‘real world’ will they realise how hard life is! There is a perceived expectation in the minds of young men; they think the world owes them something. They are not willing to put in any effort to achieve it!


What is worse is you have this type of immature boyfriend and when you do finally break up because he is just non committal, he finds a new girlfriend and she seems to succeed where you failed! I think the reason for this unfortunately is age and their situation or status in life. Once they have finished studying and they are ready to get a job, they generally feel as though now they are ready for something more long term. They feel they have the ability to provide for a family, they realise they have had their fun and now they are ready to settle down. Their teenage years are filled with DO NOTS and so they fill their twenties with things they feel they missed out on. It is the time to explore the world of sex drugs and rock and roll and to find themselves.



So ladies it is not so much about the right women but more about the right time. If you are looking for a mature guy who is responsible and makes good decisions don’t pick a guy who is not those things already.Never go into any relationship thinking you can change a person. If you do manage to do it, they may grow to resent you. You need to accept your guy the way he is or get out.

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