Creating a happy environment for your children

An environment that is filled with love and happiness is good for our health, which is widely known. This constructive setting impact positively to the progress and to how, the kids especially turn out to be.

It is therefore important that parents create a space that will allow children to be able to discover new things about themselves and everything around them with ease.


Parents want kids that they will be proud to show in public and not feel embarrassed of their hooligan-like behaviour. The first three years of the child’s surrounding will mold and determine that person they will eventually turn out to be in the future. It’s the small and big things that parent need to be cognisant of.

Speak with the same voice

This requires for both parents to take part in, so there won’t be any contradictory views on one issue. Once one parent sings a different tune to the other it allows for the child to take advantage of the situation. We don’t want there to be a good cop bad cop between two parents so that the child will have clear understanding of whether this is good or bad behaviour. Parents should communicate to each other about issues concerning the child and come to an agreement on how they will tackle it.


Don’t fight around your kids

It is not a good idea for children to be exposed to their parents fighting because no matter how strange it may seem, kids will find it to blame themselves for your arguments. You should also not confide to your child about your marital problems because they have no capacity to deal with grown people’s problems. Keep your fights between the two of you and never let it out on your children; remember they are not at fault, they are innocent bystanders.

Teach them to be responsible

This is a tool that will be taken into adulthood so it is vital that you teach your kids responsible behaviour from a young age. Make them know that the world won’t give them handouts; people work to get what they want. Don’t just give them an allowance without them doing something and remember to teach them to do things for themselves like doing their own beds and doing house chores. Ensure that they are aware that every bad behaviour comes with consequences and this should be consistent.

Reward good behaviour

Ever done something and was given something in return? Do you remember how that made you happy and want to do it more often? Well kids are no difference; once you condition them by awarding them for good behaviour they will continue doing the right thing. It does not have to be through money or presents but a praise will do just fine for small things like picking after themselves.


Spend time with them

With the busy days we have it is imperative that we set aside time to spend time with our kids. This means there need to be family time –eating breakfasts and supper with them. Go on family vacation where all of you will be out of technology and just spend time together getting to know each other even further.

Interactive games

I know it could be easy for children to just spend hours on-end watching TV and not bothering you while you do all sorts of your house duties or finish up on your work, but children need to be stimulated and that can only be achieved through games. Play outside; run around the yard or the park with them –get dirty and just forget about everything technology for a while.

Open door practice

There are some things that will happen out of your reach hence you need to make it easy and comfortable for kids to communicate anything to you. Talk to them; ask them about their day, their dreams and wishes, fears and EVERYTHING. Parents have to be welcoming to their children’s request to bond through just talking. It will be normal for them to share with you everything that goes on in their lives while you are not around.

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