Cougar or “Young At Heart” ?

The very popular Selena Gomez song called “The Heart Wants What It Wants” almost says it all…

You can not help who you are attracted to, you can not help who you fall in love with… but what if that means you go against the “norm” of society and as an older woman start dating someone that is 10, 15 or even 20+ your junior. Can it work? Are you setting yourself up for failure without knowing it?

Can a younger man really be the answer to your happiness or is getting involved with a younger guy just something for the “now”?

Recently celebrities that had started relationships with younger men came into the spotlight and it made it evident that there is definitely “something” to be investigated about this scenario.

At face value, most people will approach this type of relationship with caution as there is some obvious differences like, age (duh), the fact that men tend to be the one’s always looking for younger more youthful women to date, the biological clock issue for women as well as the “what could you possibly have in common” question.

A few obvious Pro’s to this situation is that the younger guy will be energetic, have a optimistic view on life and might take you back to the lust for life you had when you were his age, plus the physical intimacy with a younger guy will be great as there is energy, stamina and a eagerness to please.


Not only that, he might introduce new and exciting things or a way of doing things to you that will make you feel 10 years younger due to the excitement and adventure that brings to your life.

However as with any scenario, there is also a down side that might include, immaturity, lack of serious commitment, being on two completely separate stages of your life (e.g you want to have children, and he is just starting his career or is just too young to truly grasp the responsibility or he wants a family and that is just something you can not give him).

There is many things to consider before embarking on a journey that is somewhat designed to fail, however there will be a few individuals that will make this look like the best thing you can do, simply because they might be different to the “norm”, they are not who, or what society tells them to be, want, need or act.

There is no way of telling if a relationship like this will work out in the end, it is one that will have to be “judged” individually as age is just a number and what might work for one person will be another person’s nightmare.

So there you have it ladies, why not? It might be the best thing that ever happened to you. Never be afraid to venture into the territory of dating someone younger just because “society” might have something to say about it. If the two of you want to make it work, it will.

Date who you want to date, take it day by day, make sure that whatever it is you decide on doing makes you happy, as for the rest…it will fall into place…and YES honey…there will be quite a few envious people wishing they still have what it takes to make younger guys interested in them…so embrace it and enjoy what makes you happy!

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