10 Bite-size Wisdom Every Woman Should Know

A time machine is something that scientist have yet to discover! So for now we have to make do with the curve balls life throws our way hoping we catch the ball with a graceful flair. We learn from our mother’s mistakes, our own mistakes and then try and prevent our kids from making those same mistakes as well. Traits, tips and advice have to be written down, safeguarded and not taken for granted.

Wisdom is like fresh spring water: it’s there, it’s resourceful and it quenches your thirst but we don’t realise the value and preciousness of it until we’re deprived of it. Here are 10 light hearted pieces of wisdom. May it be a little thirst quencher and reminder for you when it comes to living life.

1.     Stay beautiful, Stay healthy

Being beautiful is a term that should not be misunderstood. So many women think spending hours in front of the mirror improves their appearance. It might be the case but if you’re caught in a thunder storm that too will easily wash away. Health is one of life’s most precious gifts and wearing makeup won’t make you look healthy no matter how hard you try. Never let go of your fitness, life only gets faster as we get older and we need to be able to keep up. Pay close attention to what you put into your body you’ll get so much more out of it if you do.


 2.     Kids: Love, Quality, Respect.

“Ah yes” you think Quality over quantity – it’s probably the most common sentence ever written but you can be in the company of your children for hours on end and it wouldn’t matter pay attention to them if they can’t learn from you then who?  Raise your kids in such a manner that they will respect people no matter who they are – your kids are a reflection of you, make sure it’s a reflection you’ll be proud to look at. Remember that Love drives the way – it’s the first thing a baby feels and reacts on even before it’s born. A home filled with love is probably the best thing you can offer your child.


 3.     Surround yourself with good friends.

It’s a make or break factor. Friends worth keeping bring out the best in you. Because we have the gift of choice we can decide who we want to spend our time with. It’s the person you choose to be vulnerable around and the one you count on to catch you when you fall. Make sure that the people you surround yourself with are ones you know won’t be M.I.A when trouble comes but rather there for the long haul.


4.     Stay calm, life is not worth the mental breakdown.

This especially applies to kids. Have you ever seen a mother duck with her ducklings? She looks so calm and peaceful yet always on the lookout. A calm piece of mind lets your kids feel safe. Stress affects us all differently and usually spills over into our families and friends lives. Don’t push yourself to hard, relax because nothing in life is worth a mental breakdown.


5.     Know your weaknesses and learn to live with them.

We can’t all be president and we can’t all be ballerinas. That said we all have great potential thrust upon us. The key is to find that potential, develop it and sticking to what makes you great. We as women believe in the term: “multitasking” it’s a sixth sense and great one at that but don’t try and do more than what you’re capable of. You’ll only neglect something or someone and end up giving fifty percent when a hundred was expected.


6.     Question things and never stop learning.

The world is forever changing. It’s big, vast and has so much to offer. Never leave things as is, if we stop questioning then we stop living. Knowledge should be like breathing and in the end the more you know the less you’ll fear and your sense of uncertainty will grow forever smaller.


 7.     Have a sense of humour.

The sun will shine brighter and the workload will be lighter. Have the ability to laugh at your mistakes and enjoy them. Drama and thrill are already part of life’s equation which is why it’s up to you to balance it out with a little bit of laughter.


8.     Don’t be afraid to love.

Too often we close up and shut down but the human heart needs love and in order to receive it we have to be willing to give it away. It’s risky business putting your heart on the line but romance is out there. Love is warm, kind, comforting and all the heartache and embarrassment will seem worth the while when you find the one person that makes breathing hard feel great.


 9.     Be humble, be forgiving

Know when to swallow your pride and say “I’m sorry” or “I was wrong”. You can only move on to better and bigger things once you stop holding grudges and forgive the wrong that has been done to you. You yourself might not be a walk in the park either, so be humble and understanding. One single moment of misunderstanding can ruin a friendship that took years to grow. Ask yourself if it’s really worth it?


10.  Never stop dreaming.

Don’t let life get in the way and lead to you sweeping your dreams to the side, they become forgotten and covered in dust. You take other people into consideration but end up neglecting yourself. Sacrificing everything in life for a cause even if you think the cause is worthy is not selfless it’s ridiculous. Sometimes you have to be selfish with yourself to keep your dreams alive, it creates the sparks that encourage us to pick up our heads carry on and smile at world with accomplishment. “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die tomorrow” (James Dean).


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