Have a new baby at home? Why your pet might be acting strange

If you have cats or dogs and you are pregnant, you may start noticing some strange behavior or changes in your animals. They maybe become a bit depressed; follow you around everywhere or they may even start relieving themselves indoors. Each animal will respond or react in a different way.

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40+ Woman…when to embrace the “cougar” label

The definition of a Cougar Woman according to Wikipedia is “a slang term that refers to a woman who seeks sexual relations with considerably younger men.” Now if you want to take on that label and its predatory connotations then go for it but I think it is very demeaning to a woman.

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The Cancer Dangers of Antiperspirant

There are many rumors and misconceptions about antiperspirant and its connection with breast cancer. The contents of certain deodorants were alarming and caused concern as it was and still is believed that these contents are absorbed through the skin or that regular underarm shaving mixed with the use of deodorant was a problem.

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Moving or renovating your house survival guide

Renovating or moving house can be exciting but it can also be highly stressful so to limit the stress there are a few tips you can put into action. It is a new season of your life and should be enjoyed. If you plan just a little bit, it can ensure everything runs smoothly and you can ultimately avoid any unforeseen problems.

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How to deal with a break in at your house

There is nothing worse than coming home from working and seeing your door ajar, a sick feeling hits your stomach. You walk into your house only to find it completely trashed and notice your possessions are missing! It is a feeling of utter violation!

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Do men really change or mature when they meet the right woman?

What is it with men today? This generation of men seem to be lovers of themselves. Chivalry is certainly dead and so is the dependable, responsible and strong provider like maybe our fathers or our grandfathers. They seem immature and generally have no real goals or focus. It is true they want to stay kids forever; the size of their toys just gets bigger.

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