7 Accessories That Are a Must Have

The love of fashion women have is undisputed. We are always on the look for new things that could make our looks fabulous and always on point. Accessories are amazing for taking our old dull looks turned into fashionable looks that we won’t shy away to take a selfie in. There is everything for everyone when it comes to accessories, it does not matter the type of person you are or the taste of fashion you have; there are countless items you can choose from to sprinkle up your outfit.


Yes, we have big and small bags –we have classy and funky bangs –and there are a lot you are open to choose from. Clutch bags are usually for those who don’t carry many things with them; they can hold a phone and a lipstick, and are easy to move around or dance with. We also have backpacks, usually adored by our trendy and freaky kind of ladies. They are also a convenient because they can carry almost everything you might need while secured in your back. So you can still drop a few in a dance floor while carrying it on your back. Finally handbags, they come in different sizes, brands and style but one thing for sure they complement your look and add a little class.



They are not only for keeping everything from not falling; they are responsible for complementing your attire. We have the traditional big belts usually worn with jeans; they keep things neat and also beautiful. Skinny belts, most women’s favourate, these can be worn with high-waist skirts and pants, over a plain dress and a cardigan, honestly there are a whole lot of things you can play around with using skinny belts. There are a lot more like figure belts, braided and sash belts.



Goner those days when hats where put on when having a bad hair day. These are wonderful too because they are available for all types of fashion styles. There are summer hats which are big for the purpose of protecting you from the sun, but can be explored with and worn indoors. Beanies which keep you warm in the cold winters but fashion rebels wear them even in summer. Also, we have snapbacks, caps, cowboy hats and my favourate bowler hats.



I’m quite sure a lot are glad we have these in thick wools for winter and light silks for summer. If you are not the necklace and neckpiece kind of girls, they will be your friend. You don’t have to worry much because they go with your work outfit and your dance outfit. Also, they are good for coverage for those uncomfortable with exposing the girls.



I don’t think there is any woman who doesn’t own any ring. They come in gold, silver, beads, bronze and so many more. We have the big chunky flower ring that should never be worn with other rings; after all its big enough to do the job all on its own. We also have knuckle rings which are trending all around the world; these are for the Rihanna kind of looks.



Can we walk out of the door without having on a pair of beautiful earring? They are available for every mood. We have stud earrings which are for mostly the conservative look that is not out there, they don’t draw much attention –drop earrings are for the daring kind that are not scared to try out things and we also have hoops they round and classic.



I know we are guilty of going through our mother’s jewelry box and flirter ourselves with good vintage kind of bangles. You can never go wrong with having more than one bangle in one hand; the more the merrier trust in that. Play around with colours; don’t stay safe with gold –colours make the bangle pop. The secret is in knowing which one goes with the other.


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