6 things you have to do this spring

Spring is undoubtedly here for our enjoyment. There is something about this season that makes one embrace their youth –no matter how far away we might be from our twenties. We just want to get out and explore the marvelous colourful flowers and be in the midst of joyous people. We have gotten used to the cold so much so that we have forgotten how to have fun. Well you don’t have to worry no more. Here are a few things you can do this spring:

Get your equipment and go gardening
A splendid garden does wonders to one’s mood. Not only is it a great experience to see all your hard work flourishing into stunning plants. Gardening also acts as a teaching tool in being a responsible person and provides a calming environment, so if someone in the house is annoying you, you can just grab your gardening tools zone-out all the negativity. It is only in spring that your flowers will blossom amazingly and if you are not too keen on flowers, you can opt for a veggie or fruit garden.


Hit the park for a cosy picnic
Take advantage of the green grass and the lovely weather and go out a little bit. Picnics are a lovely way to distract yourself from day-to-day pressures by being amongst nature and happy people. You can pack few sandwiches, fruits, treats and a sweet drink. Obviously, you can’t go picnicking on your own so bring along bae, your little ones or friends. Don’t forget to bring along a towel to sit on and some napkins, a lot of accidents happen in picnics.


When it rains go outside
We have seen one too many movies with romantic scenes of couples strolling in the rain, why not create your own memories. Put on your rain resistant boots and go play in the mud with your man, remember to take snap shots of your fun crazy moments; it will be a nice laugh when you are older and going through your photo album. You can also grab an umbrella and share the shelter it provides while you take in droplets falling –amazing right. Sneak a kiss in the rain. You might catch a cold but what is that to a breathtaking moment with your man.


Go crazy and wild with fruit and vegetables
There are lists of fruits that are seasonal and even though we might stumble across them in winter, in spring, they are juiciest and absolutely delicious. Have a romantic treats of chocolate coated strawberries. When you have your family visiting treat them to a salivating green salad with avocados and spinach and lay smoking hot corn beside the turkey. Make a fruit salad for breakfast with your pineapple, pawpaw, apple and guava. If you have a little one you could help them in making some extra cash selling lemonade.


Host a pool party or go to one
We might be out of age but we still love playing with water. Have your bikini wax ouch! I know but we want to look drop-dead-gorgeous in our two piece bikini right? Have music in check, a lot of snacks, fruits and finger lunch and few alcoholic beverages –alcohol and water don’t mix. It is also an excuse to show off your body with an advantage of lighting from the sun –who wouldn’t look good in such setting?


Visit an animal farm or botanical garden
Not all of us are privileged enough to have farm animals walking around our yard and we have placed this on our bucket list. I say why not now? Feed horses grass and if you are lucky enough enjoy a ride on one, milk some cows and clean up animal poop, you will sure enjoy it. While you at it go see plants that are and do amazing things at your local botanical garden. Who said we were never ready for spring?


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