5 Things men do that melts our hearts

I know men say we are so complicated but in actual fact we are the simplest people ever, okay maybe sometimes we do get a little bit confusing. We go completely crazy when the sexy Tyrese Gibson flexes his abs but we go right on marry our chubby hubbies. This is true testament that it doesn’t matter how drop-dead gorgeous you are, what wins over the heart is what lies beneath the iron hard six pack.
Underneath all those super high heels, figure hugging dress and long weave we are girls next door. We just want to lazy around with our significant others without feeling self-conscious about our bare lips and bodies that are a free zone of spanx and corsets. And away from fantasy reality hits and when bae does these small little things we just lighten up with joy.
1. Playing and taking care of a baby

There is nothing like a man that is not afraid to show warmth. When we see a man walking around with a baby all on his own we just get all fuzzy inside. Babies are a handful and to see a man handling that kind of pressure shows that he is sweet, caring and a total angel. We love them both tough and a little sensitive towards such things.


2. Baring the embarrassment just to make us happy


When he pissed you off and decides to pull a Michel Jackson moonwalk in public just to crack a smile on your face is breath taking. It gets even juicier when you both know he can’t dance to save his life and risked all that to make you happy. To us it shows that he will go to the end of the time for us, and what’s more assuring than knowing your partner will make it his duty to keep you happy?


3. Helping with chores

We get so busy trying to keep everything in place and it does get tiring and if bae lends a hand and wash those dishes or vacuums the carpet we can’t help but feel appreciated. It is relaxing to have your man showing you that you don’t have to be a superwoman. It proves that he has compassion and doesn’t want to see you suffer while he can do something about it.


4. Remembering special events and dates

We have been victims of our partners forgetting anniversaries, birthdays and other important dates. It is nice to be awoken by a birthday wish from him. It doesn’t have to be over-the-top but having him waking you up early with breakfast and a nice hand written note, amazing. What strangely gets us all butterflies in the stomach is when they recall special moments like the first date; what you wore, the music that was playing and what you ordered. It shows he pays attention.


5. Showing a little affection

Flowers, chocolates and jewelleries are nice things to have but we want something not bought once in a while. Walking down the street with him holding your hand, a fun cuddle when watching television and a spontaneous kiss and “I love you” are tricks to keeping us all happy inside. We love being lost in our own bubble and being reminded that we are loved and thought of.
It doesn’t really take money to get these done. It just takes some will and effort to keep us happy and this shows that being in a relationship doesn’t have to be hard work. We have a lot of bills and responsibilities to sort out and having to show your woman you care without digging through a pocket is a total plus, a happy wife is a happy marriage, that’s how it is.



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