5 Reason Women Shouldn’t Be Caught Chasing a Man

Haaah! Love what can I say, it is so beautiful when you are lost in its warm comfortable hands. I know why they say love conquers hatred –why would it not really because when cupid has shot you with a love arrow nothing can ever sour up your moment. But love, like everything in life, is never guaranteed so when the sprinkles of rain turn into stormy weathers we are the ones left to pick up the million pieces of our hearts. Love is majestic but only when it is not forced. Both parties in the relationship should be as involved as the other party.

So when things don’t ideally go the path we had hoped for we fight –that’s what we are known for after all; to put on a smile and work our socks off to make things work. We are the glue that bonds things together and giving up easily is not in our vocabulary. Of course we can’t just let things be without, at least, putting extra effort but we can’t live for them ladies, these men need to put us first like we do; it should be a mutual thing, it is a partnership for a reason after all. Because we still want to keep our fabulosity we shouldn’t find ourselves chasing after no man.


He is not that into you

If a guy wants to be with you he will not make it hard for you. If he loves you like that then he would have graciously allowed himself to be caught. Men don’t play games like that when it comes to such issues, trust me on this. Either way you don’t want such a man, women need to be wooed and if you are the one initially making all sorts of moves it means you will have to give up on being romanced and made feel like his only one.




He will lose respect for you

Sometimes it is okay to leave things the way they are; a man chases a woman. I’ve had a friend who had guts to just get what she wanted but the guy never gave her the special attention every woman wants. She had to continue where she started off meaning she would do the calling, visiting and compromising –she was the one basically pampering the guy like a guy would with his newly found girlfriend. I think he just agreed to it because he is a guy, he never had any intentions of being a “boyfriend” to her. He will lose respect for you and bruise your ego and leave your self-worth dragged in the mud.


You lose perspective and settle

We don’t want to be settling in relationships; there should be love guiding every step. If you will be running after a man, you kind of lose yourself in the midst of getting him. Women that run after men usually change into something sad; they become all pathetic and take in whatever garbage men give them.  Women start becoming the “ideal” partner and fake emotions throughout the whole experience –they make sure that they become what their partners want in a woman to the T without thinking of themselves.




You get exhausted and miss out

I know how focused I get when I want to fulfil a dream I have, I can only imagine that’s how it feels to be wanting him to just agree to it all. Putting on a show and making it your duty to make him fall for you is tiresome. You will spend your entire time plotting and planning and miss out on guys that could be interested and wouldn’t make a woman work so hard to get noticed by him. We don’t take rejection quite well and having to face constant rejection from a guy can take a toll on your self-esteem.


He will drag his feet

Well majority of the time we do the chasing because they are already dragging their feet but you don’t want to be a chaser in a relationship, that’s a man’s job. I promise you this, if you will be calling him every second you get trying to win him over by doing this and that for him he will do what anyone would, stretch up his feet and have a ball with it. That will be giving him a free pass, even if he becomes your boyfriend he will stretch his feet and never put in the require effort.

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