4 Things You Would Want To Do More Of In 2016

A lot of us are not good with New Year resolutions; I think it is because we know that we just can’t commit to them. Everyone is listing all the fancy things they want to change or introduce in the New Year and because of FOMO (fear of missing out) we give in and also create unrealistic goals for ourselves, because well they are all saying New Year new me. So no matter how hard we try to stick to our plans we eventually let them go.

It is nice to have a plan for the future –I would think all of us want change in our lives whether small or big. Things don’t just change ladies; it is all up to us to make every part work. Life is already hard and challenging so we don’t need to make it worse by sticking with things that are toxic. Because we don’t keep up with our “I want to join gym and lose weight” then let’s shift the approach. Majority of the time we make resolutions to change things that people find fault in but we haven’t entirely felt the need to let go of. And well if you are not 100% into the idea then it is easy to give in to temptations.

I will spend more time with myself

We spend so much time with other people it gets hard to even describe ourselves without including other people. I learned about a term “group think” which basically means when we are in groups we get a tendency to consent to whatever the group says without thinking deep into things hence the “mob justice” thing; we find people using machetes and bricks to punish whatever deed committed by a specific person. So if we set aside even a few hours to ourselves just to find our own identity it would do us good. Read a novel, go to a spar, do yoga anything really that you will be completely on your own. When people set aside some “me time” they are able to make changes that favours them.


Have quality time with close ones

I know whenever friends, family and people close to us meet it has to be somewhere noisy and crowded. We need more quality time with people in our lives, let’s talk more than we take selfies and hashtags trips. When we have deep conversations we get to know each other more –no wonder these days we have friendships that don’t last because we keep people we don’t know far too long in our lives and only find out latter that they are not really ideal people to keep. Go to picnics where it will be the two of you, away from some hip hop or pop musician performing a few feet away. Invite each other for homemade breakfast or dinner where there will be less destruction.


Get involved in some good will

Charity work is and will never be overrated; there are a lot of people in need that would just appreciate your presence. I am not saying change the world but just put a smile to deserving faces. A lot of us will say that we are considerably happy people; we are able to get what we want and go wherever we want to go, so spread the love that you have even if it is planting trees or food gardens or teaching a skill or talent you have. We want when we have left this world to have impacted immensely on at least one person.


Get a hobby

When someone mentions a hobby we immediately think of singing, dancing and sport. But well a hobby can be formal and very silly. If you are used to playing netball try something else outside your comfort zone, I mean something outside sports like painting or knitting. Enroll in less formal classes that will prove to be more fun than actually taking it as a course. Remember we just want to explore things that are only a few feet away from us but are completely unaware of them because of routine. You don’t even have to be good at that thing, that’s the beauty of it all, to slowly master a skill that you didn’t even know existed.


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