Why heels are head turners

Women and shoes are inseparable; we honestly can never get enough of them.

It is an open secret that women can go overboard with shoe indulgence. It is not just any kind of shoe; it is a pair of heels that have the ability to lift any shoe loving woman’s mood.


They are part of our necessity and we will go out of our ways to make sure that we purchase a pair even if it means lying to our partners.

A lot may not understand the love women have for heels but it is like a hidden love affair; you can never interfere with it or try to make it stop because any attempts to do so can only make it worse.


These pair of footwear can be worn with various garments from the classy red or black dress to a pair of torn jeans. Whatever you choose to wear them with, they sure bring a spark to any outfit.

They give off a look of someone who has everything together; someone a man can proudly walk beside –whom won’t just look pretty but also reputable.

Lifts you up and add on to your confidence.


A pair of heels not only do they lift you up with a few inches, but they are also a confidence boost. When a woman has on heels they feel beautiful, empowered and like they are the star of their own show. Once you slid in a pair you automatically turn heads because you stand out; your femininity shows and lingers in the eyes of those looking. There is nothing that boosts a woman’s confidence than being noticed and being assured of her classy and gorgeous look.

Looking more attractive

Women who wear heels are proven to be more attractive than those in flats. Men are inclined to look at a woman in high heels because of the feminine yet boss-lady like feel they give off. They are a cause to short strides and sway-like movement that looks like a woman is dancing salsa –that is definitely pure sexiness at its purest. One thing about women in heels is that they look exactly like that, like women; you can easily be mistaken for a man if you are in flats and are in a far distance and that can be a turn off to many.

Does wonders for posture

Wearing flats creates sloppiness in your walk and the way you stand. When you are in a pair of heels your legs are straighter and your calves tighter. And the lift from high heels prevents you from standing like you are a 70 year old man. They also give an elution of you looking slimmer and taller.


Adds a little discipline

As farfetched this may sound, ladies in high heels portray manners. Walking, sitting and standing is different to that of someone in flat shoes. Everything is done in a delicate manner, you walk but not too fast, minding every step you take to keep away from tripping and falling. Have you ever come across someone in heels sitting with their legs dangling? This is because when in heels there in an unwritten rule that your feet should touch the floor, meaning when you sit you don’t fill the whole couch; you occupy just the edge of the seat and this prevents you from leaning over, that which can come across as clumsy and can be seen as unlady-like.

Gives off a sense of power and authority

It is not by mistake that the most successful women are always in high heels. Woman in heels demand attention and can be trusted to act professionally. High heels gives the impression that you are well organised and you know your stuff very well. They are intimidating yet they ooze femininity and sex appeal. These can be a power weapon; that is if you choose to wear them with sophistication.


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