What it really takes to get pregnant

The idea of starting a family can be exciting, thinking of shopping for all the baby’s items, painting and decorating the room and the cozy snuggled up moments of intimacy shared with hubby. As unbelievable as it is women all around the world are facing difficulties in getting pregnant, with some trying out for months others taking up even years to get pregnant.


Healthy eating and exercise

It can be frustrating trying out for a baby and at some point leading to stress and tension to the relationship, these further increasing the gabs in get pregnant. As cliché as this may sound, healthy bodies function better. So it wouldn’t hurt to visit a gym more often and if you are not too fond of the gym any form of exercise would help, including yoga, jogs and even enrolling for a dance class, this should be accompanied by a healthy diet. As hard as it can be to stay away from sweets and greasy fried chicken it is vital that you think of the bigger picture, having the bun in the oven.

Food surrounds us and temptations are everywhere, discipline should be your middle name, try packing up lunch it will help from surrendering to the unhealthy fast foods. Try to consume foods with vitamin A, C, D and E, Zinc, Potassium and Copper. Though you might reward yourself once or twice a week with your favourate food try not to make it a habit.

No pill and no stress

Make an effort to not stress about not getting it right. Remember if you have been on the pill or other contraceptives like the injection and the loop it will take time for all these to be cleared from your system leading to delay in conception.

Goodbye to toxics

Mommies to be need to cut back on certain toxic substances like drinking of alcohol (a glass of wine once in a while can be acceptable), smoking and consumption of recreational drugs as they are directly linked to affecting the ability of both men and women to have babies. The constant cups of coffee future mothers have to pump up energy will have to be a thing of a past as caffeine like drugs is a no go.


Ovulation calendar

Staying in tune with your ovulation cycle is another way to know what time of the month is more effective to get pregnant. This not being something you can dwell too much on as it can easily result to stress and forcing your intimate moment with your partner to be robot-like, just do the deed as often and as desired by you and the hubby.

Knock on the Dr’s office

The very important point is to visit the doctor’s office immediately after considering having a baby. Your body needs to be evaluated for any medical conditions that would require special care when you get pregnant. You might need folic acid early on in the pregnancy hence it is advisable to consult with a doctor.

Mothers to be don’t have to panic; there shouldn’t be a need to keep record of when the process started. It will happen in due time, in the meantime enjoy being with your partner and staying healthy first for yourself and the rest will follow. If it still doesn’t happen that you get pregnant, there are various options to take to have a baby; visiting a fertility clinic is the first key step to take in helping the couple become educated on a selection of options they can take, the couple can also consider surrogacy, IVF (in vitro fertilization), adoption and fostering kids that are unable to stay with their biological parents.

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