What does your hairstyle say about you?

Too often than not I have heard a lot of women saying “I am not my hair”, this topic has raised a lot of conflicting opinions and to a certain extent, made women find themselves defending themselves in the choices they make with what hair they choose to go with. With the topic still being debated I tend to really wonder, are you really not your hair?

It has been said you are what you put in your mouth, you are what you wear and the “birds of the same feather flock together” and all these are used to tell the person’s personality without having a reasonable conversation with them. It might not necessarily be who you are but definitely describes the phase you are or were in when you opted for that hairstyle. I mean that’s why we have people saying I would never go with this colour or this size or even this style, because at the end of the day every bits and pieces of things we do reveal a tale-tale story about ourselves.


The long weave and extension phase

Women love looking proper and taking good care of their crowns because it represents them, after all this is the first thing people get to see before getting into a conversation with you. With that; weave-girls do their hair to feel glamorous and to fit in. They put on an act of having their game on, like putting on a weave; they also put a show so people can like them better or accept them. Weave-girls are usually fond of materialistic things; trendy clothes, turnips and expensive restaurants. They are little fighters and fake it till they make it. They also have a small humble part in them that tends to only come out when with close people.




The short non chemical phase

Every woman secretly wishes she could pull this look. Only brave women are willing to cut a chunk amount of their hair and even braver to walk around in it. The short non chemical girl is unapologetic about her life’s choices. She is looking for a new start, one that will not be tainted and influenced by others. She stands out and follows her instinct no matter what the status quo is. These girls are strong and like to take charge of their personal life and are not easily swayed around.




The braids and plaits phase

An adaptive edge is so vital in life and these types are nothing short of it.  They believe beauty is not a 100% turnaround it is about accentuating your good parts and still keeping the naturalness of you. They have a creative and explorative personality. The braids-girl is opinionated and easy to hold a conversation with. She is not fascinated by things that will not benefit her personally.




The long natural phase

We need to be selfish at times so we are not taken advantage of. The natural-hair-girls are simple in their approach; they don’t like the glitz and glamour. They speak their minds and don’t hold back. They make good friends because they are sincere and fun. They run their own race and walk their own path in their own pace. What these girls do is take it as it comes and fight for what they believe in no matter how petty or unworthy others may think of it.

How you wear your hair is not just a fashion statement, it is all like the subconscious reasons behind the clothes you choose to wear. There are non-verbal communication cues behind the tinny things we do. Even if many may oppose this, it doesn’t change the perception people will have after seeing you in that hairstyle. And we all know perception is truth.



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