What Bikini Is Best For My Body?

Let’s admit it; some things look better hanging in the store than on our bodies. Not that we shouldn’t flaunt our bodies in public but there is something somewhere awaiting your fashion forward eye. Our bodies are shaped differently which means, something that perfectly suits a size 28 won’t necessarily look good on a size 40. This is not a competition ladies, it is about bringing class and fabulosity in a piece of garment. And yes, that little swimwear can make your pats look worse than they actually are so go shopping with a conscious eye and don’t compare yourself.

For the thick ladies

A lot of thick women can get a bit frustrated going shopping for a swimwear because there seems to be nothing for them. I mean we get inspiration from TV and fashion magazines, this means we go out there already with an idea of what we want. But ladies with some meat in their bodies don’t get the privileges to turn through pages and flip through adverts for inspiration.

It is not wrong for you to show some meat ladies, you can pull a one piece swimwear; it doesn’t have to be a dull black number, go wild with colours and opt for designs that have openings in the back or the sides by your stomach. A monochrome feel will be an amazing pick. If you are the two-piece kind, you can try on high waist bottoms and a midkini top which provides more support for the twins and covers the parts we might be insecure about, it covers until the midsection of your stomach–try these in prints. There are also swim dresses and swinskirts that you can choose to go with if you don’t want to show off too much. Remember ladies, its hot –you don’t want colours that will dim you up, flourish and shine in brighter shades.


For the big breasts and booty

I know it is a bit awful to see women in a tinny little bikini with everything just peeking through the sides. If you think this is sexy, you are wrong –there need to be something left to the imagination. You can’t be jumping around while everyone is grabbing to their seats hoping nothing pops out. Wear bottoms that completely wraps your bottom, there are mix materials that you can try out to shrink your booty a little bit.

Swimwear shopping is not just a grab and pay thing, you need to fit it and make sure you look good in it. Choose an underwire balconette tops that will keep twins in place with support and allow for a little cleavage. Try out tankini which is like a tank top or a bandini top that will wrap around your top and keep the girls covered up without risks of having them popping out. You can try bulgy tops which have a lot of layering or go for a swim skirt. With good support you can even go strapless.


For the small bust and butt

There is nothing boring than walking around thinking you got everything in the palm of your hand and you get out of the water and your top and bottom just sags. You can get a lift with a boost swim bras –choose those that tie from the front or have ribbons and stuff in the front. Tri bikini bras which are tied from the back of your neck can also help a little bit. Bandeau strapless can hide your lack of big boobs too.

Try a shrunken boyshort-like bottom which will fit like a glove and avoid hanging loose. There are also cheeky bikinis that fit your booty but are a little bit revealing to the sides his gives an illusion to a bigger butt. Strings are for you, opt for the bottoms that tie on the sides which will accentuate your curves. Remember to go all patterns and prints it will cause the eye to draw on the bikini rather than the body.


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