Weddings That Are Nothing Short Of WOW!

Not every couple will be fond of wearing wedding bands or white wedding gowns so it will be nice to be exposed to other option that are available for you and your partner. How we love our partners differs from one person to another and so should what we choose should represent our commitment to our spouses. If you are not into traditional ways of doing things then you can be spoiled for option even though the most important part should come in agreement from both of you.

Matching tattoos| Wedding bands

You could dump the wedding bands and opt for matching tattoos. The couple can choose what signifies their relationship and tattoo that on their ring fingers. What’s great about this is that you don’t have to lose the ring to the drain while doing the dishes or hubby forgetting to wear it. It will always be there and almost be like a second skin. There is no commitment signal bigger than getting inked lets acknowledge that for a second.


Black wedding gown | White wedding gown

A lot of brides have moved away from the traditional white-trailed wedding gown to what simply is comfortable to them. Remember it is your wedding day and what really matters is that you and your partner are committing to a union ship. Traditionally white gowns were worn to symbolize the purity of the bride but let’s be honest ladies our husbands are usually not our first. Brides have gone from black gowns to skimpy dresses to even pants suit; I wonder what more will come in this category.


Tower wedding cake | Tower wedding cupcakes

Women have chosen to go for cupcakes stacked up in different wedding cake-like style. Down with the knives and cutting the cake for guests; simply take one and move on. With this you can be able to spoil your guests for choice with various flavours. There are others that use toppings that will sure make one go “what the…?” I am talking about the headless man, split-up cakes with a groom’s side and a bride’s side separated from one another.


Bouquet of fresh flowers | Paper flowers

It is amazing how many rules are broken when it comes to small items that make a wedding up. We are introduced to women that are down for anything besides real fresh flowers; it could be because allergies. Rolled up paper flowers can be an alternative; why not go green and save the planet right? It could be from a book you both love or a map that you used when you got lost travelling, anything really.


Limousine rides | Bicycle rides

Women being dazzled in limousines are a thing of a past. A lot couples are pushing boundaries and making sure that they stand out. You will need to know how to ride a bicycle, let’s get that out first. Even though it might sound a bit out of it, let’s not ignore that it is very cute and a bit heartwarming. Others go to extreme measures and use skateboards and roll away. You will definitely get stares and make a statement; get fit, get ready and marry away.


Traditional princess-like theme | Halloween theme

This is by far the most stretched out part when it comes to weddings. Why settle for old boring if you can pick the in and new? The theme and venue usually lies with how much you are willing to pop out or how far you are willing to take your imagination. There have been Halloween themes that include getting married in graveyards, vampire-like setting and abandoned buildings. Some get married up high in the sky others down with the sharks.


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