Wedding Shoes And Their Statements

The dress, the hair, makeup, nails and when money fails to buy us happiness we’ll settle for a pair of shoes!

Picking out the perfect wedding shoe is like slipping into that special pair of victoria secret lingerie. The one only allowed out of its box, when you’ve decided it’s time for a night out. Nobody necessarily sees it, but your body feels it and with that feeling a sense of sexiness blossoms out of nowhere.

Sometimes wearing the perfect shoe a similar feeling occurs. It evokes the perfect stride and strut, confidence, steadiness, grace and poise. You don’t want to walk down the aisle trying to steady yourself with the words “Don’t fall. Don’t fall. Don’t fall” Instead you want to focus your attention on the man of your dreams.

Silver Wedding Shoe

So where do you start when picking out the perfect pair to guide you towards your future?

The shoes we wear reflect the mood we’re in, for instance slipping into your slippers after a long day at the office puts you in that relaxing mood. Some shoes even magnify that tiny hint of daringness, like knowing you’re wearing an expensive pair by Giorgio Armani.

Start by thinking about what you would like to say or feel on your wedding day:

Personalise: Give your shoes a little character. Add something meaningful like your husband’s initials in little rhinestones or maybe think about having your wedding date engraved onto the sides of your shoes. This makes the one last thing you put on before stepping out a little more personal.

Personalized wedding shoes

Colours and Patterns: Slipping into your crisp white gown makes it all seem final – you are about to get married. Now adding some colour or something different almost feels like breaking the rules a feeling we all secretly admire. You can’t help it but smile, knowing that you’re creating a splash of contrast. Go all out make your something blue your shoe or try an interesting polka dot number.

Pattern wedding shoe

Heritage and Tradition: One thing that states who we are as women is our heritage or the traditions we keep. Stories of where we come from passed down from mother to daughter is what lives in our bones – create the ultimate statement with your family roots. Look for designs that seem close to home like tribal patterns or maybe even a traditional style. For instance if you grew up on a ranch or farm it might define who you are, which is why you shouldn’t have say goodbye to that part of yourself just yet.


The Encouragement: We’ve established that when we wear something a little out of the ordinary it makes for a very good confidence booster. Pick shoes with an outrageous design something so daring you’ll want to strut down the aisle singing “Man I feel like a woman” – lots of sparkles, belts and feathers. You only get married once.

Nude wedding shoe inspiration

Nostalgia: Inside all of us there is still a little girl who believes in ballerina shoes and glass slippers. Why not incorporate those childhood memories into your designs. For me it was “The wizard of Oz” and those beautiful Ruby slippers Dorothy wore. It can be an inside joke you share with your bridesmaids mom or even the groom. Make it nostalgic and special.

Butterfly wedding shoe

Themes: This one should not be too difficult and has something in common with all of the above. What are your wedding colours? A vintage wedding can be the perfect excuse for beautiful vintage wedding shoes.

Beach wedding shoes

Symbolism: Most designers are mainly influenced by symbolic objects or something with significance. Pick something close to your heart that might have a special meaning like a specific flower or colour. In some cultures for example a feather symbolises clarity hope and faith, what a beautiful message to think about when slipping into your wedding shoes. Different colors have different symbolism as well, like the color gold, its the color of success, achievement and triumph.

Gold Wedding Shoe Inspiration found on

Woman are stereotyped for always wanting to say something and I find nothing wrong with that, it is what makes us great and one of a kind. This day belongs to you. How you choose to feel is important and entirely up to you. Will you choose to be Nostalgic and content? Maybe you’re a little nervous which is why you’re settling for something daring. Maybe your day should be simple and symbolic. Whichever you choose remember that the talking is done – now it’s time for you and your shoes to walk the walk.

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