Turning the Tables: When a woman asks a guy out

We have all grown to know that there are certain things that are only to be done by men and those that are only to be done by women.


It is subconsciously done through specific chores that are assigned to a girl-child like washing dishes, cooking and taking care of laundry while a boy-child washes cars and takes trash outside.

We have been raised to be prim and behave in a reputable manner not like some wild life; this means women should never be seen as being “too much,” and this, we grow with and it becomes our only reality.

Men hunt; this means they go out there in search of a woman of their dreams –they initiate conversations after they have deliberated whether you are the right one or not, then they ask for a date. Women love that, we love to be flattered and praised for our great personality and efforts of looking gorgeous.


It makes us feel alive to be courted once in a while and to know we were picked out of various beautiful women of different races, sizes, shapes and class. And while there are women who feel it is a man’s job to approach a woman and would never dare dream of proposing a relationship to a guy, we also have the gutsy sisters who feel “why not”.

This definitely takes a lot of character because it is not the conventional way of doing things. You might find that the man you are approaching doesn’t feel the same way as you do and that will be a kick to the guts.

Society might give you strange looks with smug-like comments and thinking less of the person you are because there still a number of people who are opposing it and even going as far as saying it is a disgraceful act.


But in the changing and more openness of the world it is not a surprise that we have women who have no problem in taking the first step in declaring their love for a guy and asking them out. This behaviour is somehow seen to be desperate but why should you wait for a man to come to you when you can do it yourself. Why should you silently die in love when you have an opportunity to make things happen?

We have our very own former talk show host, Noeleen Maholwana Sangqu, who unashamedly so asked her now husband out. She did what any man would do; she saw him and felt he was the one and went out of her way to make sure that they eventually become an item and many years later they are still married.

We also have Pink who proposed to motocross star Carey Hart, Britney Spears who proposed to Kevin Federline and Kristen Bell who starred in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Gossip Girl and Veronica Mars proposed to her long-term boyfriend, actor Dax Shepard with a Tweet “@daxshepard1 will you marry me?”

When some may look down on the thought we cannot dispute the fact that it works. Women out there are making the first move and are not shy to publicly talk about it.

Love is a beautiful thing and it shouldn’t matter who asked who out first –as long as both parties show love for each other the rest shouldn’t be much of an issue.

If next time you find yourself attracted to a guy sitting across you, remember this, are you willing to suffer in silence and pass on a chance that might be rewarding or are you willing to give things a chance and see where things lead you?

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