Things to Look Forward to in your 30s.

It’s like walking up a mountain. (I’m not referring to the climb as such, but hinting more towards that which you see). The very top is visible and even though you’re excited to get there you have no idea what awaits you once you’ve conquering the hill.


And that is what we fear once we ruffle our feather and shake off another ten years of our life. The unknown: “I’m 30, what now?” Does it mean no more partying into the early hours of dawn or having heaps of energy? “I won’t be as youthful”, “I won’t be as carefree!” You can’t experiment whit wacky styles and clothes and lest face – we can’t eat like we have the metabolism of a 20 year old – because well… we’re not 20 anymore.

But just when we thought the 80’s had great music, the 90’s came up wiht some memorable hits too. The same thing can be said for 30. Just like your 20’s had its ups and downs; the tri-somethings will also surprise you!

You’re money savvy.

Believe it or not – but you’ve had at least twelve years money experience. You know when to save how to save and not to fall for those: “You have just won R750 000, to collect your winnings contact Jim” You’ve established a lifestyle and you’re financially independent and secure.


You know who you are.

As mentioned previously, you might not be experimenting with outrageous styles (dying your hair pink) as often as you would have, but why would you want to? You’re comfortable in your own skin. Where you took the time to “find yourself” in college or backpacking through Europe (all confused and soaking everything up like a sponge) you know what your strengths are and what really presses your buttons.

You know that teal brings out your eyes and that pink just does not work as a hair colour. You know where you like to wine and dine and there’s no more indecisiveness. Plus you get to surprise yourself and do something out of the norm just to rekindle the 20 year old in you and be like: “Yea I’m thirty and I just did that”


You get to choose the people in your life.

Maybe work wise you’ve bombed out there but in everyday life you’ve got the power. Your crows of friends might not be as big as your sorority in college but you have a tight knit group – who won’t (supposedly) get you incredibly drunk and leave on stranded. You’ve had too many experiences to differentiate the fake friends from the real friend and now that you’re thirty you’re more confidant to kick the troublemakers/fakers to the curb.

Age is wisdom.

This is not to make you feel all grey and old, on the contrary. When you’re young, life is filled with more questions than answers and for me personally it’s very frustrating! We should never stop questioning but that said we can feel a bit more in control and fearless because we know things about things. Clear perspective and open minded means you can almost consider yourself finished with being wrong!

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You can move on in life.

You don’t freak out every time something goes utterly wrong. No more tantrums (remember high blood pressure is a real thing – just kidding). You know when to call it quits. Clingy needy children are something of the past and you can move forward with grace and poise.

You can only walk comfortably by getting rid of the baggage – you’ve come to know this which is why you don’t carry any and choose to look towards the future instead of dwelling in the past.


Think: rolling your eyes. People can whisper and gossip but say what you will insecurities are not as common during the three zero period! And why shouldn’t you beam confidence. You don’t take people’s nonsense and when you leave behind being popular or funny, sexy or witty all of those traits just come naturally. The little secret behind it is that confidence is impeccably attractive  – so in short you’ll be way sexier when your 30 compared to your twenties when all it feels like you’re doing is try and fail, try and fail!


There will be less “What was I thinking” thoughts and less clumsy decisions. You’ll have something to sow for your trail and errors and you’ll have experience and grace. You can get focused and really concentrate on things that matter in life. Thirty should not be feared or something we should shy away from. Instead we should welcome it with open arms and stand on that hill smiling at the view we’re so blessed to receive.

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