The Real Reason behind choosing an Organic Lifestyle.

When googling the words “organic is good for you”  the search result is an impressive total of over 83 million options, which just goes to show that organic is not a foreign term in society.

We all know buying organic is over all a better option but do you necessarily know why?  Or are you simply buying it because all the famous Hollywood stars have made it the latest trend.


What you ought to know about conventional foods.

Non organic foods can contain up to half of the vitamins when compared to organic foods. In fact in the Journal of Applied Nutrition, organically grown food is up to 63% higher in calcium and almost 73% higher in iron.

Oh the chemicals, oh the horror! Every day healthy foods are destroyed by chemical additives that are unhealthy and sometimes dangerous. We’ve all seen the labels saying “This product does not contain/may contain GMO’s, BPA’s; BHT; BHA; TBHQ.” Those are a lot of abbreviations and just only the beginning – yes, there’s more: herbicides, insecticides and fungicides are chemicals and additives your food may have been exposed to.

All of the above was starting to look like a really bad horror movie to me so I did some research into what some of these chemicals actually do to your body and to the food we eat.


BPA or Bisphenol A: Is a neurotoxin and endocrine disruptor that can actually damage your DNA (yikes!) and has actually been banned in several nations.

Usually found in canned foods especially canned tomatoes, BPA is used in plastics bottles, food packaging and even found in paper money! According to the National Toxicology Program at the National Institutes of Health and FDA, the potential health risks related to BPA products include reproductive problems, cancer risks and metabolic disorders like obesity and Type 2 diabetes. (Published by

Azodicarbonamide: A big bad foreign word, but this little monster is used as a bleaching agent in packaged, processed foods like frozen dinners, pasta and flour mixes “This toxic chemical has been linked to cancer risks and asthma.” Says Stacy Kennedy, MPH, RD, CSO, LDN; Reboot Nutritionist.

Hormones or GMO’s:  The firs curious question I had was why farmers actually use GMO’s or Hormones on plants and in livestock? Well – we all know the saying curiosity killed the cat so here goes: Injecting hormones into young livestock can make them gain weight faster.


More weight – more meat- more money! Cows have been known to be injected with Estrogen shots over the years which are centred on a compound called diethylstilbestrol (DES). This scary word was used as medicine, given to pregnant women to prevent miscarriages, but luckily DES was phased out from use in medicine and agriculture in 1970’s.

Estrogen and testosterone based hormones are still being used in the industry though and can lead to health risks like breast cancer when exposed to high levels or constant abnormal amounts of Estrogen. (Information gathered by Matthew Hoffman, MD)

Although there are some more additives in our everyday foods I do believe that we get the picture on injections and funny big scary words.

What it actually does to the environment. Besides the fact that it’s unnatural, insects become immune to certain pesticides used in agriculture and farming.

With no effect on them anymore farmers turn to stronger more resilient pesticides. Stronger meaning highly concentrated and in turn more harmful to agricultural soils. 40% of the world’s agricultural soil is already taking a dramatic turn for the worst due to nutrient depletion which is caused by the use of chemical fertilizers.

Not only soil but fresh water resources are at risk – during heavy rains these pesticides can seep into our fresh water supplies and contaminate them leaving us with water not suitable for drinking.


Why go organic? 

If some if not all of the above haven’t convinced you as to why you should switch to a more organic lifestyle here are some more facts that might edge you along.

When labelling food as organic famers have to produce their organic produce according to the USDA standards. This just protects us as consumers from every second Joe trying to sell us so called organic food when really it’s not.

It’s better safer and healthier for your kids as well – Children have such small bodies and with a harder working metabolism they are more vulnerable to all the harmful additives in un-organic foods.

Organic food also helps you fight off diseases. A substance in plants called Flavonoid, allow plants to have a high antioxidant level – which increase your immune system. Because of certain pesticides used on non-organic foods the balance is disrupted and plants no longer produce this antioxidant.

Other than that it just tastes better, is better for the environment and contains more nutrients.

So there you have it; almost short and sweet with some facts as why Organic is actually good for you. A better lifestyle today doesn’t just require getting rid of all the junk food, we actually have to read the packaging now and stay informed with relevant food produce. Remember you are what you eat, a well-known cliché but one with truth behind it.


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