The Panties Talk With The Girls

There are a number of panties available for every kind of woman and every type of mood. We are here to give a voice to your panties and let you know what they really say about you.

They are not just something to cover the “nunu” but they are just like a bag or scarf you buy for style and to complement your mood.

The cartoon character boy-shorts panties

These bring life to your underwear and express your playfulness and love for sitting around watching cartons, reading comic books and playing digital games. They are usually loved by goofy college girls or teens. These are usually worn by the relaxed kind of girls that don’t care much about the glitzy things and have guy friends more than girl friends. Just like the panties these girls don’t share much on their private life; you will know what they like and what they believe in with the little things they do. They safe-guard what is important to them and only show a little bit of themselves.


The cotton bikini panties

They are the first thing we wear the minute we let go of diapers because they have the innocent look, covering everything with no exception. There are character ones (flowers, engraved days of the week, stripes) that are for the “out there” kind of girls; even though they may be loud, going partying and getting slouched they are, deep down, good girls that need protection from others because they easily get hurt. They are usually naïve in their approach on life but all-in-all they are beautiful souls.


The lacy French-cut panties

The rooted kind; they exude sex appeals and they care much about how they feel about themselves more than what others think of them. They make calculated decisions and don’t care about petty things. They believe in style as oppose to fashion. They are private but give you a sneak peek of their lives. The only way they can let you explicitly in their lives is when they trust you. There is structure, support and beauty in their lives.


The chiffon thong panties

These kind of girls are transparent but choose what they share and not. They want beauty that is comfortable. Letting loose is their middle name; they love to go out with close friends where they will have meaningful conversations. They are classy and engage in things that are momentous. These are the boss-lady-like women that are independent in what they do and say.


The polyester-like hipster panties

These girls like comfort, you find that they gravitate more on the boyish look but keeping their femininity on point. They are the boyfriend jeans with oversized shirts clashed with silky beautiful weave that is on fleek and classy makeup. Order is what they believe in; they take it if it works and dump it if it doesn’t. They hide their stuff very well; you never know if that smile is truly a sincere smile. Don’t judge a book by its cover, this truly applies with them.


The spandex brief panties

A lot of women try to stay away from these, and those who wear them never openly admit in wearing them. These ladies are old-school kind of girls, they believe in giving their best and looking the part despite the hardship they have to go through on the side. They are strong women usually put others first before themselves. They are the glue to everything; holding things together and bringing happiness and comfort to every situation.


The silky g-string panties

Do we need to say more, they are an open book and easily approachable. They make sure they leave the house almost flawless and feed on people’s complements. They are not scared to try out new things and are generally seeking the good life. They say what they mean and are not scared of commitment. They may come across as vulnerable but they sure can stand their ground.


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